New FFXV Details: Battle System, Day & Night Cycle, Share and More

final fantasy xv noctis

We have some new details on Final Fantasy XV for the PS4 and Xbox One, and it’s good to finally know more about the battle system and why Tabata took over Nomura as the game’s director.

This is from a Famitsu interview and we come to know that Tabata has been working on the game for a long time now, and the move to director will not drastically change the vision of the game.

Yoichi Wada personally asked Tabata to help out with the Versus XIII project which has now been renamed to Final Fantasy XV.

The battle system will be very flash and in case you haven’t seen the gameplay demo, it shows the battle system in action.

Noctis can warp and do magic attacks and you can also play more strategically. You will also be able to pause the game and adjust party behavior, change weapons and more.

There is a deck system for the weapons and you get to set it in the main menu. During combat it will use the most appropriate weapon depending on the situation.

If you hold the defense button you can do a defensive movement and this allows the player to move around defensively avoiding attacks. This can also been seen in the gameplay demo.

There will be aggressive monsters at night and during day time the monsters will be passive and won’t do a pre-emptive strike on the player.

The in-game Adamantoise can be beaten as well but it might take 30 in-game days to do it. There will also be some share features but remote play is not certain yet. Both of them will be supported for the actual game.

The demo is 70-80% complete and the world will be massive.

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Thanks, Famitsu.

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    1 year is too long to wait for this game.