New DriveClub Details From Play Magazine

driveclub screenshot 3

We have some new information on DriveClub from Play Magazine. The game is a launch title for the PS4.

The game was first announced at the PS4 reveal event and is said to be in development for a long time. It is made by Evolution Studios and is an entirely new IP.

More information on the game will be revealed at E3 this year, where Sony goes all out in showing what the PS4 is capable of and what software it is going to launch with.

Here are some details on the game:

  • Tries to showcase many PS4 features and strengths
  • Not about smashing others off the road, but not exactly a sim either
  • lighting and reflections off of car are “spectacular”
  • Heavy social integration
  • Emphasis on team helps bring accessibility as opposed to outright competition for top spot

Q&A with Matt Southern, Col Rodgers, and technical director Scott Kirkland

  • They talk about their roots as a sim developer with WRC and Eurofighter Typhoon
  • Evolutions first involvement with the PS4 started in 2008
  • Dualshock 4 started development in 2010
  • High speed in DS4 gyros allow extremely accurate steering in racing games
  • Photorealism is a huge goal for Drive Club
  • Massive amounts of particles, realistic atmospheric effects, high attention to detail
  • Focus on owning and being a part of a racing team, owning very valuable carst
  • “Powerful low level access” of GPU
  • Material based lighting engine
  • “Flecked” metallic paint.
  • Woven carbon fiber, as opposed to just a texture.
  • “…diverse array of rich environments”
  • Detailed driving surfaces
  • Environment examples: roadside grass, scrub, memorable landmarks, stunning skies, staggering vistas
  • Extensive driver animation
  • Fully dynamic lighting for time of day effects
  • Streaming and spectating is in
  • Regarding DS4 again stiffer trigger springs smaller deadzones
  • Improved rumble
  • Touchpad used for navigating UI easily
  • Evolution Studios compared PD to a 106-piece orchestra while and themselves to a rockband. Dedicated to uniting people in bringing speed on “roads in the real world.”
  • When asked about Forza and other MS franchises, they repond “If we aren’t first or best, we aren’t happy.”
  • Sights of inspiration come from movies like Senna and Drive

You can check out some fantastic new screenshots here.