New Devil May Cry 5 Demo Out Now, Nico’s Van accessible

Capcom has released a new demo on PSN and Xbox Store of the Devil May Cry 5 demo that was originally released last year. This new demo has more improvements and lets you surf missiles. It also allows you to use Nico van which lets you upgrade your weapons and stuff.

The demo is out now and probably will be the same GB as it was before. There’s also a new demo plus which allows you to replay the demo with progress carried over.

The game features three characters Dante, Nero and V. The latter is a new character and you will be mostly playing with Nero in the game. The game was originally revealed at the Microsoft Xbox conference and has had a great response from fans.

Devil May Cry 4 was originally released on the PS3 a decade ago and a lot of fans are expecting a true sequel for the game. DmC by Ninja Theory was also released after DMC4 but it wasn’t considered a proper sequel to the game.

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