New Destiny Glimmer/Engram Farm Location Found – Post Patch

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Bungie has finally nerfed the Treasure Cave, but it hasn’t stopped players from finding other locations. The treasure cave gave people lots of glimmer and engram drops which not only gave them a shot at obtaining legendary gear but also raising the Cryptarch level.

Post patch, we have another farming location, which isn’t quite as effective but does the job. Let’s see how long this one stays or whether Bungie decides to not do anything about it. The latter will probably not happen.

You can see the new farm location in the video below. This is the best one people have found so far after the patch has come out.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

  • Asylums

    I got to say im impressed on how quickly this gets found. but then again this area has wayy to many “Hidden Swarms” if someone moves from the Hive spawn area.

  • thatguywhohateswhendevsnerf

    oh thank god

  • hackslashKILL

    that respawn rate is pretty bad. honestly just doing a minion heavy mission should be better than this

  • Jamie Lawler

    It really grinds my gears that I’m stuck at work all day every day and have only reached level 20 so far,no doubt when I finally get to play this weekend I’ll be greeted by a bunch of losers who have been farming their backsides off and who are all now ridiculously highly ranked…..

    • Dark muk

      I manage to work 50 hours a week, and still get to farm and play with my legendaries. If it’s not one of your highest priorities to play then don’t moan about other people being further through a game than you

  • Jagged

    This is way too ineffective and at too awkward of an angle to truly get the best speed i have at least 3 other honey holes from the beta and the first few days that are still unpatched but I’m not putting them out here for everyone to spam all over the internet and get them patched.

    I still say Bungie was not ready for the MMO scene i just hope they aren’t the next Trion.

  • Irritated Gamer

    I just don’t understand why you don’t keep these to yourselves. You’re fucking stupid for telling other people

  • bns x umad bro

    hey I found a better location then anything else I see out there but I don’t got a way to share. it’s up close and personal so no need for scout rifles, it’s a 6 second spawn, and you could farm from level 1 if you wanted to. I play on Xbox 360 gmer tag is some weird shit… bns x umad bro … add me and message me, ill be posting this on a few other sites so if you plan to make a video message me first.