New Destiny 2 Details Tells Us The Amount of Content In The Game

Destiny 2 will be launching next month on the current gen platforms and the recent beta was very successful. There are also rumours that the game has an incredible amount of pre-orders and will launch with millions of copies sold.

It’s not a surprise however since Destiny had a large fanbase and most of them are expected to move over to Destiny 2.

We have some new details on the game courtesy of EDGE magazine.

It states that the Nightfall strikes have a time limit which is going to make it even harder. There needs to be a strategy in place to tackle it now.

There are also 80 new missions in the game and they are quite substantial in length. Hunter class has been buffed. There’s also a Warlock exotic chest piece that will let you hover in the air and will also recharge your grenade.

Earlier it was revealed that the game won’t have dedicated servers but the developers have greatly improved the netcode.

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