New Bloodborne PS4 Details

bloodborne ps4 screenshot 1

We have some details of Bloodborne which is what From Software has been working on since shipping Dark Souls: Artorias of Abyss DLC. These details are courtesy of an interview with Miyazaki on Famitsu which was reported by a Japanese blog.

– Spring 2015 release window
– They started work on this right after finishing Artorias of the Abyss, targeting Sony’s new hardware
– The world and story is completely new, and the setting takes full advantage of the PS4’s capabilities
– They’re targeting 30fps at 1080p
– The keywords for the game is “blood” and “beast”
– There will be melee and long range weapons (guns) this time
– Character customization is confirmed
– There will be no map display in the game
– He wants combat to not just focus on action but also the strategic element
– The combat in the game is designed to feel like a life or death struggle
– There will be online elements of some sort, and it will involve players “discovering” together