NeoGAF Implodes After Owner Accused of Harassment

Video Game forum NeoGAF is a pretty popular website and has grown exponentially in these last few years. However, a new scandal related to its owner, Evilore, where a woman on Facebook accused him of sexual harassment has taken over the site by storm.

NeoGAF is a pretty left-leaning liberal forum, some might even say extreme left. So it was only about time that the members would want more information and not stand for the suppression and bannings that continued to go on in the wake of this scandal.

At the time of posting this, many moderators have stepped down and the forum is out of control with people breaking the rules. The site also seems to be functioning intermittently and is down at the moment.

There was supposed to be a statement from the owner 15 hours ago but it hasn’t arrived and as a result, there is complete chaos. Members are trying to join Discord to preserve their communities. Many of them are asking for a ban and leaving the site en masse.

NeoGAF was a wonderful resource for gamers so it is sad to see it go down like this. It is difficult to imagine what will happen after this, but the site won’t be the same again.

  • Gobl1n

    “There was supposed to be a statement from the owner 15 hours ago”

    Just goes to show how unprepared he was with anything to do with the forum.

    Ads have been breaking the site for mobile users. Tyler claimed to be spending over 160 hours a week fixing the ads, but they still exist to this day.

    Tried moving from http to https. Because of the switch the ads were no longer working. Security became irrelevant as he switched it back and pretended to not see or hear complaints.

    Good riddance to him and the forum.

  • Jericho

    Why am i not surprised that a leftist preacher hellhole is actually rotten at its core. The thief louder than all shouts “Hold the thief”, after all.