5 Vital PS4 Accessories To Have When You Get Your Shiny New System

Nyko Smart Clip

nyko smart clip

With this next generation of consoles, the second screen looks like its going to become more and more common. With games like Battlefield 4, Watch_Dogs and the Division all utilizing the second screen or companion apps, the Nyko Smart clip will be a must have accessories.

The Smart Clip lets you connect your phone to your controller to make using the second screen or companion apps much easier.

You are going to want this because its going to make looking at your mini map in Battlefield 4 much simpler and since it seems that most games will be using companion apps you will definitely get enough use out of it.

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  • Magilla187

    That smart clip is something i’ll be getting for both next gen consoles it looks like it will come in handy

    also to note the PS camera is not 720p its actually 1080p

    • Kenny Stimmel

      Definitely getting the smart clip and camera. already got the Vita and Pulse elite. prolly get the charger just to finish everything on the list lol. ur correct about the camera too i was looking at the wrong section of the spec’s, that one’s on me

      • Magilla187

        yeah that smart clip looks like it would work flawlessly now that companion apps are in most games

        • Kenny Stimmel

          my biggest concern with the clips is the added weight. i sat my iphone on my DS3 earlier and it gave it alot more weight. i dont think ill like the clips much while i play shooter’s.

    • Sahil Patel

      yeah the clip looks interesting!
      but the ps camera is 720p not 1080p :(

      • epic

        wrong the ps camera is in 1080p

    • Colin

      Here is one people tend to forget: Grip-iT analog stick covers. Considering how easy the rubber wears off, those things are a life saver for your ps4 controller! Aussie gamers can buy them from gripitaustralia(dot)com(dot)au.

  • DarthDiggler

    The Playstation Camera is 720P and features a 4 channel microphone array for facial recognition

    They got to be some mighty powerful mics to recognize faces. :)

    BTW it’s PlayStation not Playstation.

    • http://people.ign.com/conkerkid11 Conkerkid11

      You must be fun at parties.

    • Mrteapot

      Playstation fanboys sound like little girls shipping for accessories for there Gucci purse lol “excuse me it’s pronounced PlayStation not playstation” gaaaaay. If I didn’t have a PC is get an xbox just to Piss Sony fan boys

    • Mrteapot

      Darth Diggler your a loser, I saw you trolling the xbox one Kinect forums. Explaining how futile and useless cameras are for gaming. Yet I find you praising the PS eye comes. Hahahaha Sony Troll, if Sony don’t pay you for this then someone needs a life lol

      • TheRoosh

        It’s “you’re a loser”. It’s “if Sony doesn’t pay you …” Feel free to look up”irony” on Google.

        • Mrteapot

          Roosh have no clue your statement even means

          • dirk

            He is correcting you poor grammar. Stupid idiot

          • TheRoosh

            You couldn’t pour water out of a boot with the instructions printed on the heel….

    • Brandon Rauls

      Playstation, PlayStation, big fucking deal, shut up you grammar fucking puke.

  • benbenkr

    PS Vita is an accessory now? lol.

    • TheRoosh

      The article clearly acknowledged it wasn’t … but was still a good companion piece to have.

      • benbenkr

        Then why call this article 5… F.I.V.E vital accessories for the PS4? Why not just call it 4?

        What happen to maths?

        • Cas

          What happened to spelling? Oh right…the internet. My bad!

          • epic

            what do u mean

  • bob

    Pulse headset for $150 is a certified ripoff. Way better headsets at that price range

    • jamesT

      hey Bob… could you name a few? interested in picking up a set, so if you have any recommendations that would be great.

      • TheRoosh

        I assure you, the Pulse is a superb product. Worth every penny. However, I’m sure there are many competitive products out there. Turtle Beach seems to be a popular model. Logitech is another option. However, I have not seen any headsets with all the features the Pulse has in one package.

        • Gman

          Just a point of reference with the Turtle Beach. To an extent, they are not fully compatible right now with the PS4. There is a list here of the limitations: http://www.ps4accessories.com/2013/11/turtle-beach-headsets-ps4-compatibility/

          The fact is the PS4 needs the second firmware update before headset legacy support happens. This is important to remember. Nobody knows when that 2nd update is happening.

          • TheRoosh

            Thank you GMan … good to know before I consider buying the PS4.

  • john

    So could you use the vita to play your ps4 games over wifi if you are like 3k miles away from your ps4?

    • xBraiNShOcK

      If it’s under the same wifi, yes.

    • tegrof

      Yes. You don’t need to be on the same WiFi. As long as your ps4
      is connected to a network with internet and your vita is on a network with internet you are good.

      • Captain Nutbanger

        OR just hack away a satellite and play with your vita even in antarctica.

  • TOROi3

    the pulse headset is defective. dont buy it.

    • TheRoosh

      Nonsense. I own one. It is utterly perfect.

  • TheRoosh

    I have the Pulse headset already for my PS3. Great news that it will be PS4 compatible. I LOVE that headset!

  • gameguyz

    Blizzard Reveals iPad-version Hearthstone in Development

    Though several months have passed, we are still not really over the shock that an iPad game is in development by Blizzard. It doesn’t help that Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft looks so rad, either.

    Anyway, the reason why we’re bringing this up today is because Blizzard has posted a new dev blog about the free-to-play CCG, confirming that it’s basically feature complete and might go into beta within the next few weeks. This pertains to the PC version, mind, but progress on that build can only mean good things for the iPad version.


  • joe

    720p haha thats cute

    • epic

      the ps camera is in 1080p

  • Andrew

    i don’t think that smart clip will be right or work for every phone I’m skeptical about that one because of their mind set of what types of phones will be used I mean i don’t feel my Lg Optimus G pro will sit very well on the control with out forcing the control to lean one way or the other giving it an off set balance BUT i could be wrong. Hopefully i am because it be cool ! Also I definitely wanna see what they do with the ps4 eye camera so i will buy that in hopes they do take advantage of its technology plus i have a large room so ill be able to use this with a good amount of space. headphones I’m going to wait and see what else they come out with this year or next. As for the vita i’m not to happy on some of the stuff the did with that with over priced memory cards and mediocre software. hopefully i can do a trade of some sort with someone to get it with out having to pay so much cash for it.

  • Andrew

    btw info is wrong ps eye is 1080p NOT 720p

    • Colin

      yeap, ditto this

  • ShihonoRyo

    You should mention that the
    Sony Pulse Elite is known to crack above the metal bits after about 6 months of use, if you check amazon many people had that problem.

  • Josh Wobbles

    This would be nice…. IF THEY EVER FUCKING RELEASE IT!!!

  • Jennifer Gross


  • epic

    THE PS CAMERA IS IN 1080P NOT 720P OK?!?!?!