MS Dev Says Scorpio is a ‘Full Blown Console’, Disses PS4 Pro

Looks like the console wars are heating up again as Microsoft is gearing up to launch its new console codenamed Project Scorpio. The console is expected to be launched later this year and we already know its specs and Microsoft revealed earlier that it will be 6 teraflops, which is quite a bit of power over the PS4 Pro which is 4.2 teraflops.

A Microsoft dev has revealed that the Scorpio is a full blown console and not a half assed one like the PS4 Pro. He also revealed that Microsoft has to promote the console well so consumers don’t compare it to PS4 Pro.

It remains to be seen how well the Scorpio will run games but most of them will be running at 4K for sure. More information on Scorpio will be revealed at E3 along with a release date as well.

Earlier Phil Spencer boss of Xbox revealed that he has played some Scorpio games and they run well. He is also proud of his team.

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  • Game of Trolls

    PC gamer here, You do know all those Xbox BC games are on PC with better graphics and frame rates. At least PS4 has new games early 2017 like Gravity rush 2, Yakuza 0, Persona 5, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Nier Automata, Tales of Berseria, Nioh, Horizon Zero Dawn. Why do you think PS4 has sold 55 million and Xbox one has sold 26 million. I will tell you why, It is because PC gamers can play Xbox one games on PC.
    Hasn’t the most underpowered consoles like PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 outsold all the strongest consoles Like Sega Dreamcast, N64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Sony has nothing to worry about. if a PS3 which was underpowered, had bad ports, bad frame rates, bad resolutions from third party games ended up outselling Xbox 360 in 2013. History has already repeated itself. Sony sells worldwide. Xbox sells only to Americans.