More FFXV Details: Massive open world, demo 70-80% complete

final fantasy xv promo art

We have some new details on Final Fantasy XV thanks to a Famitsu interview that was translated by a GAF member. Now take this as a rumour for now but it seems legitimate.

It has been revealed that the demo is 70-80% complete and the final version will look even better. There is a block button, auto-attack and warp button. These moves can be seen in the latest trailer that Square Enix showed.

The characters have had a slight makeover especially Ignis. Character backstories are also available. Luna is said to be a key character as important as Noctis. Presumably Luna means Stella at this point.

The plot of the game is said to be simple. The party have to retrieve a stolen crystal from an enemy country. The demo does not contain spoilers, it will show the battle system and there’s supposed to be a big surprise at the end for fans.

The world is said to be massive and it’s due to the next-gen consoles’ processing power. Each party member has a different style, can combo with them and each of them are better against different enemies. The demo will be ready by March but Square Enix has not announced the official date yet.

The game originally started like Kingdom Hearts  (yes), and I assume they mean the battle system here. Their aim is to give the player full control of what’s happening during the fight.

More information on the game will be available at Jump Fiesta 2015.

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Spaziogames forum; Neogaf

  • Jonathan Wells

    “The demo does not contain spoilers, it will show the battle system and there’s supposed to be a big surprise at the end for fans.”

    Release date.

    Bring it on!

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      I was JUST thinking that while reading the article. That will most likely be the case though because to omit that would just spell disaster as they know everyone wants a release date already. Also, I’m not entirely sure what they mean by auto action and the benefit that would have when you’re fighting in real time.

  • James Wilson

    More and more reasons why I don’t care about the new Final Fantasies. I can’t stand the newer battle systems and don’t care much for open world crap. They keep trying to make these more and more like an MMORPG in style and I don’t want that from my RPGs.

    • AzureSora93

      You….do realize Final Fantasy 1 – 9 and 12 (not counting 11, 13, and 14) are open world right??

  • kireiangel

    Jump “Festa” not “Fiesta”