Monster Hunter World: Here Are The Most Popular Weapon Classes

Monster Hunter World has many weapon classes to choose from and each one of them is quite difficult to master but easy to use. However, the community has settled upon one class which is used the most and that is the Long Sword class.

Long Sword is a simple weapon where mere button mashing will do the trick but you also need to pay attention to your charge meter to maximise damage.

It is slower than the Insect Glaive and dual blades but does slightly more damage. We do not recommend using only one weapon class but keeping a few weapons from different classes in handy for certain fights.

The weapon stats were given to a Reddit user and you can find it yourself by asking a First Wyverian in the game. These are basically official stats and since there are millions of Monster Hunter World players out there we can say that the Long Sword class is the most popular one.

The gameplay video that was released before the game came out showed the Great Sword in action.

  1. Long Sword – 25%
  2. Great Sword – 12%
  3. Dual Blades – 10%
  4. Bow – 10%
  5. Charge Blade – 9%
  6. Hammer – 7%
  7. Switch Axe – 6%
  8. Insect Glaive – 6%
  9. Sword & Shield – 3%
  10. Gunlance – 3%
  11. Heavy Bowgun – 3%
  12. Light Bowgun – 3%
  13. Lance – 2%
  14. Hunting Horn – 1%

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