Monster Hunter World: Capcom Shows Off New Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth

Capcom has revealed a new monster which they will be adding via a free title update on April 19th for PS4 and Xbox One. The new monster is called Kulve Taroth and it’s an elder dragon.

Elder Dragons are tough monsters with unique abilities that can only be countered with an elder seal weapon. They are not that easy to beat and have a lot more health and strength than other monsters in the game. Not to mention they are big too.

Kulve Taroth looks like a goat and some kind of a weird fusion between a goat and a crawling animal. It’s hard to describe so you can just watch the video below that shows the monster in all its glory. There seems to be a new area as well which looks cool.

They have also introduced a new mode called siege.

Siege is a brand new limited-time quest type which requires the collaborative efforts of all hunters in the same Gathering Hub (which can house up to 16 hunters). Each hunting party will split off into groups of up to four hunters each, but will be working together to investigate and hunt down the same Kulve Taroth.

You can check out the video below. Monster Hunter World has shipped 7.5 million units.

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