Monster Hunter World 25 Min Gameplay Shows New Mechanics

Capcom announced Monster Hunter World or Monster Hunter 5 for the PS4 and Xbox One at E3 and it looks every bit of fascinating and incredible as we’ve come to expect from the other mainline Monster Hunter games.

We have a 25 minute gameplay video that shows the new mechanics in action as a character pursues a monster with a giant sword on his back. There are also interactions with other NPCs, although it is in Japanese.

The monsters look phenomenal and have their own animations and special actions. The video shows a chase between the character and the monster and a fight. It’s 25 minute long so take your time with it.

We don’t have a release date for the game yet but it is likely expected to release next year. There’s also a PC version planned for it. Monster Hunter 4 was released for the 3DS.

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