Monster Hunter Online Announced: Runs on CryEngine 3, First Screenshots

Capcom and Chinese company Tencent have partnered together to create Monster Hunter Online.

The game runs on CryEgine 3 and looks gorgeous as you would expect of any game running on that engine. The game is playable with gamepad as well and also supports standard keyboard and mouse combination.

There are weather changes and monsters can have different skills based on what weather it is. Weapons have new moves and there is also a special move system.

Water and air battles are confirmed as well and it mentions something about battles on transport vehicles.

A monster in the game would require 24 players to kill and is most likely a big rock dragon.

We also have the trailer and screenshots for the game which you can check out below.


  1. Gabriel Lage Pessoa

    April 18, 2013 at 5:16 pm

    Letter to capcom:
    01 – Release this in US
    02 – Release it on the Vita
    03 – Release it on a console

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