Xbox One Will Win in the Long Run, Says Microsoft

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Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi seems confident in Xbox One’s sales prospects and has said that they will win the long run in a Q&A with a Spanish paper. (Translated)

He talked about Xbox One’s exclusive titles and also revealed that they don’t care about winning a show because the real test will be the consumer.

“We unveiled 20 titles for Xbox One, of which 17 are exclusive to this console. I do not think Sony can say the same. What I hear is that before launching we are better positioned, with a complete value proposition,” he said.

“With the installed Skype voice service and Kinect motion sensor included. No point in winning a show, because the test will be the consumer. In the long run our console will win.”

The pre-order reports across various reports are showing that PS4 is actually beating Xbox One and consumers seem to be attracted to Sony’s console due to the lower price better policies.

Microsoft has the advantage of a massive advertising budget but will that be enough to sway consumers? Only time will tell. The consoles will be released later this year.

DFC Intelligence had recently questioned Microsoft’s business model with the Xbox One. Major Nelson had also said that they weren’t concerned with Sony’s moves with the PS4.

  • kokglock

    Microsoft, keep telling yourself that.

  • Manuel Granados

    Oh my, we get Skype for when we game! Something I always wanted was to be viodechatting when I play videogames.

    • hwangeruk

      I think its a cool feature personally. Also, whilst watching tv you get all your xbox and skype notifications. Sweet.

      • Manuel Granados

        Yeah it’s going to be awesome to be totally immersed in a movie or game and get all those notifications, not distracting at all!

        • hwangeruk

          You can turn it off. But I like the idea :)

          • Manuel Granados

            Of course you do, if Xbox announced that every time you turned off the Xbox One a bear is going to appear and chew off one of your fingers you’d probably be saying it’s a reasonable thing.

          • hwangeruk

            I see you’ve lowered yourself to personal attacks. I think that about sums about the mentality of most of the hate.

          • Manuel Granados

            It’s not a personal attack, unlike you implying that I am in exams and finishing school, which was there before you edited it out.
            I am simply stating something that is obvious to everyone: you are adamantly defending Xbox without actually seeing other people’s arguments, you are driving the discussion in a circle and you always go back to the same one.

            I am an Xbox user, I have had Gold since I bought my console, I was excited for Xbox One, until I saw what it was. I don’t hate Microsoft and Xbox One, I simply think they are screwing gamers over and they have betrayed their consumers by not adopting policies that their clients were begging for. I will definitely switch to PS4 because I find it to be a much superior console because it doesn’t have a focus on social networking, watching tv and exploring the internet, things that I can do with my computer and my tv, because I, as a gamer, want a console where I can play my games to the best of the console’s power and where I actually own the games and I’m not paying for a license to play them.

            I am not blinded by hate to MS or Xbox, it’s been a well thought out decision to switch to a console that I find better, the problem is that those who adamantly defend MS qualify us as haters because we don’t think xbox one is awesome.

          • hwangeruk

            Well, I don’t agree, funny enough. (I removed the exams part, as if you were a kid that would be offensive, and I didn’t want to lower myself to your level ;) )
            I think the Xbox One will still be a games console (a great one) and has some additional features that I really like personally. I can appreciate that other don’t want them. I’ve also stated that, ad infinitum.
            What I will post about, is when people state things that aren’t true. Or emotional responses to policies that won’t effect them.
            How is the PS4 going to be ” much superior”? Emotion. You’re doing the exact same thing.
            The PS4 will be a games console. That’s fine, I’m sure it will be a good one, but much superior I think not. Especially as their core architecture is so similar. You do own the disc on Xbox, you can sell it. You just happen to get access to a digital cloud version _as well_, even when you are not at your console, maybe a friends (just like steam) – its an added bonus. For this you only have to give up access when < 24 hours your console is not Internet connected. And I believe for most people that isn't an issue. (Afghan troops and caravan holidays not withstanding) But if it is for you, don't buy one. Offline access for rare occasions, fair enough.
            So it comes down to 2 sides. Convenience and Features, vs lower price, offline access on rare occasions. Personally I will take the features. If the 80 dollars matters to you, get a PS4. But please the DRM aspect is so overstated, which is where I came in. Anyway, enjoy your PS4. I'm sure they will both be awesome devices.

          • hwangeruk

            And MS have just said that the DRM is dropped.
            And region locking dropped.
            Bet you punks still buy a PS4 though ;)
            BTW, we “lose” the ability to run from HDD without disk in, so we lost convenience. Or if you want the convenience you need to pay full MS store prices (like 50 UK pounds for Tiger Woods) which I would never pay. So we lost the ability to never have to get off our butt. Great shame, that was going to be great.

          • Rich

            So MS pretty much said EVERYTHING that Sony said correct? Do you know anything about marketing? You have extensive knowledge on the BASICS to use the overlays you HAVE to be online to get the notifications. Please explain ALL these features you speak of? I actually work in the game industry all the ranting going on is pretty childish imo. First does the majority use skype? no not at all just a few people an all in one system please define that for us uneducated folks please.

            Who is to say that MS wouldn’t have a patch that they throw in and say HA! now that you spent 500 dollars here’s a patch we wanted to put out from the start. I have watched and read how you have patronized people on their thoughts and views. Secondly let me state a fact for who uses the MOST MS products? believe it or not its the military i’m in the reserves and we use pretty much all things MS and to alienate those who are on ships, submarines or deployed oh wait no region locking oh just only after the fact correct me if I am wrong here which is a bad PR move there and just after the fact then MS says oh we “hear you loud and clear” LOL umm no they are a multi BILLION dollar company they could care a less if you are I are upset about DRM and the other crap all they did was play knight in shining armor to the rescue.

            I have been an xbox fan since the first xbox and even if they had no intentions of implementing these policies then that would have meant they started out with a lie, again if they are talking about they have confidence in their product then they shouldn’t have to change up their architecture just because people are upset. Now anyone with a half decent brain will look at it and think they don’t have any confidence in MS because they went back on their word. My friend the next time you chose to dissect others views and opinions and instead of just reading bits of a story or media post some REAL facts not just “And MS have just said that the DRM is dropped.
            And region locking dropped.” Oh and before I part ways you are no better by calling anyone a punk because they choose ps4 over xbone since you are stuck on this emotion kick don’t let your emotions get in the way guy.

          • hwangeruk

            Your first paragraph makes no sense. Of course the overlays will come from online notifications most of the time. Not sure what your ranting point was there. Millions of people use Skype. If you think Skype is a minority sport thing again. Also, its likely that Xbox messaging will get integrated to Skype. Once Kinect and Skype are standard it will add further millions.
            An integrated system is one where you TV and Console are controllable from the same system, the Xbox with Kinect in this case. Perhaps you need to go watch the Xbox reveal – it details all of this.
            No, I am not going to defend Microsofts PR. I don’t think MS did a great job of explaining the digital distribution very well and the benefits of it. And I don’t think they had an answer much beyond “tough” to those permanently offline.
            That still doesn’t make the original plan for most people perfection. Cheapest retail price – with all the benefits of digital distribution – as customers we had the best of both worlds. A world where “most” peoples console sit in the lounge, don’t move, and are Internet connected 100% of the time.
            I absolutely know the fact mate, no idea what your 3rd paragraph means at all.
            I’m not emotional at all. I suspect many of the people raising “points” will be Playstation 4 owners real soon. Not much of the “debate” was objective or rational. It was just PS lovers pouring scorn on the opposition – that’s how the Internet works. I just like to set incorrect facts straight from time to time, as I don’t mind competition but lies are too much.
            In the end on this one, a small % of people win, and many people lose. I’m sure everyone is very proud though.

          • joe

            have fun playing the ps3.5

  • Eron

    lol we’ll win in the long run because we have skype! You have got to be kidding me and you have to win the show so people will buy your product. just keep digging your hole microsoft

    • hwangeruk

      Soccor mom does not care about e3’s pr war. In the end brand loyalty, exclusive games and price/features will decide. Not speeches from CEOs at trade fairs. You kids are hilarious.

      • Commonsense

        Only 2 out of 10 the gamers I know are sticking with xbox the rest are switching over to PS4. We were hardcore XBOX guys. A few of us have the PS3 but all it does is collect dust most of the year and we just borrow out the PS3 to friends if they want to play some exclusive title. We borrow games to each other all the time. With that not happening it is bye bye Xbox.

        • hwangeruk

          Which is an emotional response, as you can swap games.
          I can gift on Xbox One without even handing over the disk. But if you wanna be old fashioned, then good for you ;)

          • MScaneatmyass

            You sir are a shill. Before I had to curb my gaming habit I owned both a PS3 AND XBOX 360, both with the respective “gold” services being paid for. I can say that Playstation Plus is the better deal. In addition, the Xbox One does not include any features that I want or need in which I dont already own another device capable of performing those tasks!

            The always on Kinect camera and HEARTBEAT sensors? No fucking thank you!! If I want to be watched Ill get a webcam and put up a website. Sticking a camera and microphone in your home like that could also be a potential violation of others privacy! Just be aware…

          • hwangeruk


            of course I am. Anyone who doesn’t adopt your view is an idiot. How very mature of you. I will let you into a secret that might hold you in good stead for life, not everyone will agree with you all of the time. you need to learn to get over that.

            Most people who have used both PS+ and Live know Live is better. MS have way more infrastructure and much larger relationships with Akamai etc. MS went for a sustainable model from the get-go by charging, and that’s the benefit you get, more support, more kit, more bandwidth. (Go ask people about the terrible slow speed whilst downloading full games on PSN).

            Fortunately, I am not so paranoid to think people will be spying on me in my home. And even if they did, I can assure you, watching me read your posts, pick my nose and eat popcorn makes for the most boring video you will ever see – I really am not that interesting. I again, your swearing gives away your angry juvenile mentality on these discussions. (If your childish login name with a** in it doesn’t already. you have no credibility) but I’ve tried to educate you ;)

          • LiamT

            i can download 15gb in less than an hour on PSN. i wouldnt call that slow.

          • Jake Langner

            BTW, don’t kid yourself I’ve owned both and yes the ps3 during downloads was ridiculously slow compared to how fast the download speeds were on xbox…good thing its all changing on the next-gens! :D

          • Jake Langner

            Honestly, when it comes down to it the consoles are virtually the same. If Xbox didn’t include that fucking Kinect and they had infamous and all of the offers Playstation plus has I just might have gotten the Xbox. You earlier said features vs. price but really every feature people will actually use the Playstation has! I can tell you now that not many people are really gonna do a lot of multi-tasking. Listening to music while playing yes, but the rest of the features? Not really…they’re just allocating more of they’re ram to they’re OS that could be used for games. I mean Playstation is only allocating 1gb of their 8gbs for the OS which is really all you need while Microsoft is using 3gb of the 8gb. So in reality down the road developers will really grasp all 7gb of the Playstation’s ram while they will only have 5gb to work with on the xbox….(which is still a ridiculous amount more then before) also I feel like the people that run Sony have they’re heads screwed on better than the guys behind the Xbox. Now that they’re charging for ps plus they will really have a lot more money to upgrade servers and their programs like the 360 did. Remember how the homescreen first looked on the Xbox? It was awful…with the amount of money they gained with the gold accounts they really changed it up throughout the updates and years that made it better but now that Sony is doing that too who knows where they will take it. They’ve always been focused a lot more on the consumer which alone is a huge deal breaker for me.

          • hwangeruk

            Most of what you say is correct. But I never like this broad stroke things like what you just said “{Sony}They’ve always been focused a lot more on the consumer”.

            Both their respective business leaders will be having the same debates, wrestling with the same decisions. Only the “fans” attribute one being better in the boardroom based on which side suits their bias. None of us really knows what goes on behind their closed doors. “Sony have they’re heads screwed on better than the guys behind the Xbox”. Actually I think MS are more progressive. But this is just hot air now.
            I know I will enjoy swapping between TV and gaming and taking Skype calls. In fact I know other adults (as I wonder if the demographic here is a lot younger) who want to get the Xbox just to play with the gadget and not as worried about the gaming side. (They are PC gamers).
            Anyway, time will tell. I’ll be getting an Xbox, because it integrates with my social circle (almost all Xbox) my Skydrive and my PC (Windows) accounts. I like the idea I can switch between TV and gaming really easily – and use my voice for basic commands that really appeals to me.
            I’m also hoping MS bring back their original plans digital installs so I can once and for all ditch physical disks.
            (I have no CDs in my life now, I have no DVDs in my life now – why the hell do I want gaming disk – I want Steam but for Xbox which is what we had until a vocal minority spat their dummy)

      • Dez

        Do you really think the soccer mom will spend an extra $100 on a console when she could get one for cheaper that serves the same needs?

        • hwangeruk

          Stop being so angry. I put “price” in my post.
          People decide what they want to buy, based on price, features etc. I suspect few “normal” people (you aren’t normal BTW) will have this overly childish emotional response to DRM that won’t effect 99.99999% of gamers. Whose console sits in a room, never moves, and where you can still sell your games. You can, but people just think you can’t. As I say, its all emotion. I’ve read lots of articles this week about how chumps like you are all consumed with rage, but missed that Sony will charge you for PS+. Where is the outrage? Oh wait, it doesn’t suit your bias and fanatic fanboyism. Any good luck with whatever you chose, just remember is you chose PS4 you’re choosing a device with way less features ;)

          • LiamT

            way less features? i would rather have a more powerful gaming console. and that is the PS4. i dont care about skype (i use my tablet for that) or being able to control my cable via voice (pointless)

            PSN+ is way better due to all the games you get each month.

          • hwangeruk

            Live will be giving free games away too.
            No one yet knows which console is more powerful.
            Paper specs mean nothing until we see who implements the SoC better. And no one knows the impact of the software layer, or either company leveraging the cloud. PS4 fanboys speak like its fact, its not fact yet. Its the same sort of nonsense Android lovers argue versus iPhone with how many cores their phone has, meaningless for most people.
            And even if it was, like the current gen, its still meaningless. There is naff all difference between Xbox 360 and PS3 even with the so called more horsepower.
            So yes, there are more features on the Xbox One. Now that is fact. If you don’t like them, or need them that’s fine – but Xbox One does have more features.
            I really like the idea of getting notifications and Skype as I say, so that for me has value. If it doesn’t for you, enjoy your PS4 – I sincerely mean that. I hope both consoles are great for both sets of “fans”. I don’t have to childishly hate on the “other side” just as I have a personal preference for one. Not sure why people feel they have to do it with consoles. Imagine standing on a street corner shouting at Ford drivers they are idiots, and saying they should have bought Lexus – what are you stupid! (See how ridiculous behaviour that is? But you kids do it online all the time) :)

          • LiamT

            true, this gen its been hard to see where the ps3s extra horse power has gone but next gen will be different. same CPU, same architecture but better GFX chip on the APU and better ram for gaming. neither console will use the cloud much due to the latency issues. the ps4 has 25% extra grunt so we should see a difference. whether that be better physics or aliasing etc who knows.

            the only features are the ones nobody cares about. picture in picture has been available for decades and it has never taken off as people just dont care about it.

            im not hating for no reason. MS are trying to push towards non-ownership and that is a bad thing. any company who tells me what i can and cant do with something i own will get no business from me. and yes, steam does something similar but the prices are generally 40% cheaper so its a different beast.

            enjoy your xbone but when gamers are being ever more screwed in the future it will be the people who bought xbone who will be to blame for supporting dodgy business models where the end user is screwed over.

            kids? im 38. haha.

        • Manuel Granados

          Why would a soccer mom be buying a console for herself? Second, why would a gaming console be targeted at soccer moms? That’s what Xbox fanboys can’t grasp

  • J.F. King

    No, it f**king won’t. 100,000 exclusive titles wouldn’t make one bit of difference. Seriously, what the hell is it with Microsoft and hiring department heads who don’t have a clue? Shouldn’t be a surprise when the CEO is an absolute moron when it comes to consumer electronics.

  • Dalinkwent

    They created a console that various people couldn’t buy if they wanted. Anyone in a certain region or without consistent internet service has ZERO reason to buy a X-BOX One. He’s delusional. They’ll likely do their strongest sales in the beginning and then start to feel it later. They’ve pissed off gamer’s and pandered to the casual’s. They’re called casuals for a reason.

    • hwangeruk

      Theyve p off kids who cant read. You can sell your games still, and drm wont effect 99.999% of consoles as they never move. So much chilidh ranting about these non issues.

      • LiamT

        you can only sell your games at selected stores. im taking you are a MS shill from all your fanboy responses?

  • kamilz

    Mehdi The 2nd

    Anyone else remembers another Mehdi history ? (hint:Commodore).

  • Lucia Malpense

    Apparently if your XBox Live account gets banned, you permanently lose all access to your games on your Xbox One, without a refund. The only people who’re gonna buy this are stupid.

    • hwangeruk

      No, not true. Look on engadget, major nelson says u wont.

      • Meh

        Dude, you just comented on almost everyone post complaining about xbox… Is it… Is it you, Major Nelso?

    • joe

      jus dont hack ur games retard

  • merwanor

    This mostly comes down to games for me, and so far i have not seen any “exclusive” Xbox games I want or that I can’t get for PC instead. While PS4 will have Infamous and probably all games that comes from Naughty Dog.

  • Daniel Elss

    There is no long run… they already lost the game