Microsoft Will Challenge Government Requests to Spy Through Kinect

xbox one high res screenshot 1

Microsoft has revealed that it will challenge any government or NSA requests that asks them to spy on their customers through its Kinect sensor. The Xbox One requires that the Kinect should be always-on for it to work and many people have concerns regarding it.

The company has revealed that it has no plans to abuse it and they are not going to be snooping on anybody.

In a statement to The Verge, a Microsoft employee said:

“Absent a new law, we don’t believe the government has the legal authority to compel us or any other company that makes products with cameras and microphones to start collecting voice and video data, and we’d aggressively challenge in court any attempts to try and force us to do so.”

Earlier it was revealed that Microsoft played a vital role in NSA’s PRISM program and allowed them to access Skype phone and video calls.

The Kinect sensor has the ability to scan redemption codes so it can prove to be useful for people as it simplifies things for them a lot. The system will be released later this year in 21 markets around the world for $499.