Microsoft: We are not killing game ownership with Xbox One

xbox one high res screenshot 5

The Xbox One requires you to be connected online every 24 hours and many people feel that they would not be able to own the games they buy but Microsoft thinks otherwise.

Microsoft Game Studios’ Phil Spencer has revealed that they do not think they’re killing game ownership with Xbox One.

“I do not think we’re killing game ownership. I think, if I look at other media that I interact with, I think I have more capability with my music,” he said in an interview with Kotaku.

“I think I have more capability with my video library than I probably have ever had. Any other game platform on any other device that I play games on, my library is digital and there are distinct advantages to that, and I think there are real advantages on game consoles that will actually make the library of games that you have more functional.”

The console costs $499 and Microsoft thinks they’re over-delivering value at that price point. It will be released sometime later this year.

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