Microsoft to unveil Windows 9 in April

windows 8

Microsoft will be announcing Windows 8’s successor in April  at the company’s annual Build conference, according to Paul Thurrot.

The OS is codenamed “Threshold” and is said to feature a lot of changes.

“To distance itself from the Windows 8 debacle, Microsoft is currently planning to drop the Windows 8 name and brand this next release as Windows 9. That could change, but that’s the current thinking,” Thurrott wrote.

Windows 8 has proven to be unpopular among desktop users due to the Metro UI and the company had to make some changes in the next iteration. It seems Microsoft is not confident with the Windows 8 brand anymore and looks towards Windows 9 to change its fortunes.

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  • PatcherStation

    I think most people and companies are still using XP. Vista was a shambles, 7 was what Vista should’ve been. 8 was just an upgrade. 9 is pointless. The cost of upgrading is laughable. If Microsoft charged a few quid to upgrade, most PC owners would do it, more money for Microsoft.