Microsoft Stopped XBLA Title Update Fees Since April 2013

Indie developers had a major issue in giving adequate post-release support for their games due to the exorbitant amount Microsoft used to charge for them.

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The rumoured value was around $40,000 and some developers like Phil Fish, who created the masterful Fez, constantly criticizes Microsoft for their attitude.

Fish was unable to patch the game due to the title update fees, and other developers have also spoken out against these policies. However, Microsoft’s Marc Whitten has said that they have stopped charging fees for XBLA games since April 2013.

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It’s not clear whether this would be the same policy on Xbox One but at least it’s a good move. They are also rumoured to announce a self-publishing model for Indie developers, so they are on the right track.

This is mainly due to the competition from Sony as they have been getting all the positive word of mouth due to their support for Indie developers, and this could have forced Microsoft to change their policies.