Microsoft recommends 1.5 mbps minimum broadband speed for Xbox One

xbox one high res screenshot 5

Microsoft have just revealed that you need a minimum of 1.5mbps broadband connection for Xbox One. The console checks for internet every 24 hours and it’s not clear whether this is for cloud features or just the ping which the console sends for checking whether it is connected to the internet or not.

For an optimal experience, we recommend a broadband connection of 1.5Mbps. (For reference, the average global internet connection speed as measured recently by Akamai was 2.9 Mbps). In areas where an Ethernet connection is not available, you can connect using mobile broadband.

Such a restriction should not pose to be a nuisance because 1.5 mbps broadband speed is considered as low in most countries, including Asia, however plenty of regions do have speeds lower than that.

Via Microsoft.

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