Microsoft Investing In $700 million Data Centre for Xbox Live and Cloud

microsoft new logo featured

Microsoft has invested a significant amount of money in boosting their cloud infrastructure and this will also benefit Xbox Live. The company has opened a $700 million data centre in Des Moines, Iowa.

The company which also owns the Bing search engine, already has a tremendous amount of servers, including their popular Azure service. They recently announced that Xbox Live on Xbox One will have up to 300,000 servers.

Christian Belady, who is the general manager of Microsoft’s data centre services, has said that this expansion “supports the growing demand for Microsoft’s cloud services.”

It seems the company will still hold the edge over its competitors in the video game business, but Sony has also acquired Gaikai for $300 million, and they will be raring to go as well.

Cloud is an important part of Microsoft’s strategy but its advantages for games aren’t clear yet. The Xbox One costs $499 and will be released later this year in 21 markets across the world.

Via GI.Biz.