Microsoft Has Underclocked Xbox One GPU Clocks, Having eSRAM Yield Problems

xbox one high res screenshot 5

Microsoft may be facing issues due to starting development on the Xbox One late. They had earlier revealed that they had began work on it sometime in 2010 while Sony began PS4 work back in 2008.

Due to the delay, the company may be facing yield issues and has underclocked the Xbox One GPU.

The APU in the system is said to be big and has required a lot more AMD engineers. The original figure for GPU was given at 1.2 teraflops which may be reduced to 900 gigaflops which is 50% less than what the PS4 GPU is capable of.

Of course, things may change since there’s still a lot of time to go before the console comes out, but in order to prevent heat issues and another RROD fiasco, Microsoft may slow down the system purposely.

This has confirmed to be true by many sources but Microsoft can do something about it since there’s time. However, things aren’t looking too good for the Xbox One when it comes to facing the PS4 head-to-head in multiplatform port quality.

We will keep you updated once we hear more information on this. Stay tuned to Gamechup.


  • rumor much?

    this could all just be old news that just recently surfaced and the underclocked GPU is what it is already.
    plus where are they getting this information, an “insider source” is not valid anymore after all the shit we have floating around in this snow globe we call the internet.

  • picee

    i have a friend who deals in stocks and shares …. a few weeks ago he gave me a gentle nudge to sell my shares …. this came out a few days later so im guessing this is legit !

    • GerStud101

      nothing like admitting to insider trading!

  • Don Mattrick

    Folks, this is the truth. We are going to underclock it even more now because of heat. The Xbox One is going to be less powerful than the Wii U

    • Ron Mctavish

      Oh come on, give me a break fanboy. I can guarantee you that the Gpu was just downclocked because of the heat on the One Dev kits, anyway that was resolved on a early phase of development, I can assure you that they are working on stabilizing it to the main 1.5Ghz of graphical speed processing.

      • Don Mattrick

        Moron, they are downclocking it, XBox One games are going to look like crap. Just buy a PS4 which is twice the power of the Xbox One crap

  • Don Mattdick

    F*ck Xbox One, F*ck Don Mattrick, the biggest f4gg0t going who has ruined the Xbox name.

    • Ph

      Xbox players do more to ruin the Xbox name than the Devs, Microsoft or their shod hardware QA process ever could.

  • batbet

    it’s only 5 months before launch they can NOT DO JACK SHIT about it.. only optimistic idiots think that they can fix this problem(by that i mean really “fixing” it and not some half ass “workaround”). this is not how engineering and business work.. the design and manufacturing requires many years of work and usually a problem like this 5 months before release is a total disaster – it means that they fucked up at the design stage (which dates to 5-6 years ago) and properly fixing the problem means redesigning the system which means that X1 will be delayed and they will lose to the PS4 right away. If this rumor is true then X1 will either have limited stock due to yielding issues, or proper amount of stock by reducing the performance to increase the yield. Either way this is utter bad news for MS if this turns out to be true.