Microsoft has “no plans for Halo”, but Dyad coming to Steam

PC release of the three Halo games along with plenty other titles were spotted in the Steam database, but there have been some new developments.

Earlier we posted a list of all the games that were leaked, and an entry was spotted for Dyad. It was also subsequently confirmed by its creator Shawn McGrath. He was disappointed that his game got leaked in such a fashion in the video he released where he officially announced that the game was heading to Steam.

He said that it will be released on Windows first, and he is also working on Vita version. He was unsure about Linux and Mac version. The game was originally released on the PSN.

In other news, Microsoft has also denied that Halo is coming to Steam. They said that they don’t have “currently any plans for Halo on Steam”. Well, maybe not currently, but in the future surely?

You can check out the Dyad announcement video below. McGrath is a pretty cool guy.