Microsoft exec clarifies: “We have real, retail consoles running real code”

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Some games journalists were concerned that most games shown at Gamescom were not running on the actual retail hardware, but with three months to go before launch that is pretty much a non-issue.

Microsoft director of product planning, Albert Penello, revealed that just about everything on the Xbox One is running on final hardware. Developers usually use dev kits or development PCs to showcase their unfinished games, and here’s what Penello had to say about games demoed at E3.

At E3, you saw Xbox One games running in a couple of environments:

Development PC’s (these were our early Alpha kits spec’d similarly to HW targets)

Development Kits (these are the white and black consoles that look like retail units)

Other PC’s (in these cases, like the drama around the PC with the nvidia GPU), we asked developers to make sure what they were showing was reflective of what could be achieved on Xbox One.

He also added that the Xbox One dev kits do not have 12GB RAM contrary to rumours, and they are just 8GB like the retail units.

“At this point, just about everything is running on “near final” Hardware. What’s unique about our program this time is that Dev Kits and Retail Kits are exactly the same,” he revealed on GAF. “Despite the belief, our Dev Kits DO NOT have 12gb of ram. They have 8gb, just like shipping units. So anything you see running on a black Xbox One console is the same unit we’re going to ship.

“You have many, many units that are run on the factory production line before final product starts as you’re testing quality, tweaking the manufacturing process, etc. But all these consoles you’re seeing are coming off factory production lines. That’s why I caveat “near final” because, before you start full production, you go through many test runs.”

Finally he revealed that people were able to demo the hardware at Gamescom.

“So again to clarify – we have real, retail consoles running real code. Every time you see a black box running software, it’s the real thing. I had almost 300 people see the dash demo at Gamescom, and people were free to inspect the HW I was demoing on.”

The Xbox One comes out in November this year in 13 countries around the world and here’s a full list of the launch countries.

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  • BrianC6234

    So Microsoft doesn’t even have any actual retail Xbones yet? What a disaster for them.

    • Gamechup

      They must not have mass manufactured it but they absolutely have retail consoles. Major Nelson and Albert have one at their home.

      • dirkradke

        And in years to come when a serious video game collector decides they want Major Nelson’s or Albert’s console in there collection I wonder how much it will be worth? I can picture the episode on the History Channel’s American Pickers.

    • Demetre HG


    • Demetre HG

      As if Sony has anything real running dam fool !!! Oh wait there will be tons of issues with PS4 for release and I can’t wait to laugh my ass off

    • ShowanW

      You must not know how manufacturing works…

      Neither Sony nor Microsoft have gone into mass manufacturing.
      Mass manufacturing happens in the next 2-3 weeks, one final code is in place, and put through paces a few times.

    • John Joe Silver

      wouldn’t call it a disaster, the 360 only went into full production 56 days before it’s launch date… MS have a minimum or what 63/64 days till a Nov 1 launch if they opted for that date

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Actually Microsoft is coming to 8 countries this year..just saying.

    • The Wolf 47

      Oh really, I tough it was 21 states…/s
      21 markets, right?

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        No we are both wrong. It’s actually 13. LMFAOOOOOOOOO XD

  • Andre james

    SO BF4 will look that good! wow!

  • saywha

    “near final” Hardware

  • The Truth

    If people thought it was 12GB and it was only 8GB, then that’s a good sign for MS. (Just sayin’….I’m still undecided).

    • OMGitsSexyChase

      people thought the ps4 was 4gigs, then it was 8

  • The Wolf 47

    Oh No! What will they do!!
    I mean, they have Killzone Shadow Fall, the best looking shooter of all platform, pc included, literally outselling every Xbox One exclusive games combined sale by itself.
    Fanboy slaves just needs to get a life…