Microsoft E3 2013 Details: Mirror’s Edge 2, Prince of Persia, And Worse DRM

xbox one high res screenshot 5

A NeoGAF insider who types in a weird way to be anonymous has leaked Microsoft’s E3 details. He has a solid track record and some of the things he has mentioned is truly bewildering.

According to him, the company is buying non-PS4 mentions which means that many third-party games will only have Xbox One mentions but a PS4 port is definitely in development.

He has released a lot of details and he says that Mirror’s Edge 2 and Prince of Persia will be shown at the conference. He doesn’t have much idea about PS4’s DRM or whether the online will be free, but there are a lot of Xbox One leaks.

  • Microsoft is actively buying PlayStation 4 non-mentions. If you don’t explicitly hear a third-party say “our game is exclusive to Xbox One,” confidently assume a PlayStation 4 version is available behind the scenes.
  • More DRM details will be revealed at Gamecom.
  • The power of the cloud is fake and done to camouflage their DRM. The third-parties were approached by Microsoft and EA and Ubisoft are Microsoft’s biggest backers, however, Activision doesn’t care a lot.
  • The DRM policy is said to be even worse than people are expecting.
  • Mirror’s Edge 2 will be shown at Microsoft’s E3 press conference.
  • Prince of Persia will be shown at Microsoft’s E3 press conference.
  • World of Tanks from rumoured to be the Phil Spencer game.
  • Online Play will be charged on Xbox One’s Live service.
  • Dead Rising 3 and exclusive DLC for other Capcom game.
  • No online pay-wall for PlayStation 4 has been confirmed.
  • Sony’s has tightly locked any mention of their DRM policies for the PS4.

Via GAF.