Microsoft detail improvements to Direct3D 11 with Xbox One

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Microsoft has revealed how developers can use Direct3D 11 to unlock the full performance potential of the Xbox One. They have mentioned that “developers creating content for the system are able to use the same programing constructs across Windows and Xbox, and benefit from all the improvements that have been introduced on Windows.”

With Xbox One we have also made significant enhancements to the implementation of Direct3D 11, especially in the area of runtime overhead. The result is a very streamlined, “close to metal” level of runtime performance. In conjunction with the third generation PIX performance tool for Xbox One, developers can use Direct3D 11 to unlock the full performance potential of the console.

Here’s some of the improvements to Direct3D 11 for Windows and presumably it should apply for Xbox One as well.

  • The introduction of Tiled Resources, a new hardware feature for efficiently managing enormous volumes of data on the GPU more efficiently, enabling unprecedented levels of detail as well as more immersive open-world gameplay without making gamers sit through annoying “level loads”.
  • Excellent tools in Visual Studio for analyzing and debugging code built using Direct3D 11
  • Improved performance when accessing memory shared between CPU and GPU when executing compute workloads.
  • Programming model improvements, including advances in HLSL that enables developers to write more manageable shader code, and reduce runtime cycles spent on shader compilation.
  • Improved performance and efficiency on mobile form factors by reducing presentation overhead and enabling hardware accelerated overlays & scalers. This enables better game performance on high-resolution displays, and improved rendering latency.

They have also mentioned that they are “continually innovating in areas of performance, functionality and debug and performance tooling for Xbox One.”

Source – Microsoft

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Wow this is a lot. Microsoft is serious this time around. What are Tiled Resources exactly? Is close to metal referring to low level api? What is HLSL? And how does this all specifically benefit in Xbox One? Tell in PC vernacular or whichever way is simplest to explain from a PC gamer or someone with knowledge please.

    • Bill E Weaver

      youtube tile resources mars, very cool video.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        just saw it; it was neat. thanks.

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          By the way, have you seen an epic fail troll known as “Knowledgeiswhatsup”? He hates “Nintendo” so much, that he called the “Nintendo” fans as “propagandists”.

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            haven’t seen him actually. but now that I know about him, I hate him.