Microsoft Confirms Xbox One’s Kinect Can Scan Redemption Codes

Microsoft’s Marc Whitten has confirmed that Xbox One’s Kinect sensor can scan redemption codes. You know what this means? No more typing of 25 digit keys only to get one letter wrong and do everything again, OK, I may be exaggerating things, but it really saves a lot of time.

xbox one kinect redemption codes

In a recent post on Reddit, a user asked the same functionality using a meme image, and it was spotted by Whitten who Tweeted: “To my reddit friends — yup — this works!”

Kinect is showing what it can do after all. This really shouldn’t be an issue to most people, but considering the amount of online passes and other pre-order stuff that tends to come with each game, this could prove to be one kinect redemption code confirmation

The Xbox One will be released later this year for $499. Stay tuned to Gamechup for more news and updates.