Microsoft confirms Xbox One CPU boost by 150mhz to 1.75GHZ

xbox one high res screenshot 5

Microsoft has revealed that they have boosted the Xbox One CPU clock by 150MHz. Yusuf Mehdi revealed this at the Citi Global Technology Conference and also added that the machine is in full production.

The CPU speed was earlier clocked at 1.6GHz and has now become 1.75GHz, which should provide quite a bit of boost for them in games such as Dead Rising 3.

“This will be the biggest launch we’ve ever done by a wide margin in terms of units shipped at launch,” he revealed.

This is a great news as it makes the Xbox One closer in performance to the PS4. While the PS4 is way more powerful due to a stronger GPU and faster RAM, it looks like Microsoft now has an advantage when it comes to CPU speed.

Microsoft’s confirmation can be found below.

microsoft clock boost