Microsoft Adopts Valve’s Policy of Game Refunds


In what is an incredible news for Xbox gamers, Microsoft will be launching a self-service refunds for not only Xbox One users but also Windows 10 users.

This means you will get a refund for a game purchase within 14 days if you have played it for less than 2 hours. There are some caveats obviously like you have to wait till the game has launched and you have to download or play it.

You can request a refund at the Microsoft site once the feature goes live. This is very similar to Valve’s refunds on Steam and will no doubt make Sony scratch its head.

DLC, passes and other add-ons are not eligible for refunds. Microsoft will also be able to block people who abuse this feature.

Sony doesn’t offer refunds unless required by law. Recently Microsoft doubled the price of Xbox Live in many countries.

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