Michael Pachter clarifies PS4 “hyperrealistic games”, “240 fps” comment

Micheal Pachter, analyst at Wedbush Morgan, has clarified the comments he earlier made to Bloomberg.

Earlier he told the website that the PS4 “will be able to put a lot more characters on the screen and allow for hyperrealistic games”, and will also run some games at 240 fps.

So naturally he managed to piss off many people who were bewildered at his comments because of the low expectations set by the PS3 and Xbox 360. He later revealed what he was asked by Bloomberg and what he actually meant.

“Yes, in fact, I said that the new processors would be “capable” of rendering at 240 frames per second. I didn’t say “FPS”, know what a frame is, and know that most movies are shot in 24 frames per second,” he said on GAF.

“It is unlikely that anything will be made in higher resolution than 2 megapixel or run at faster than 60 frames per second, which is pretty realistic, but the new consoles are being built to last past the end of the 1080p display cycle. If we go to 4K display, which I believe is 8 megapixel, they may not have to run faster than 60 frames per second (and the size of game files clearly becomes an issue, regardless), but I believe that the processors can handle rendering faster than 60 frames per second

He also stuck by what he said and revealed that the new consoles will be able to render at 240 fps, but the viewing experience will not be materially improved.

“It wouldn’t make sense to build that into the game, but I was asked what the difference in processing power would be, and I replied “probably around four times as fast in terms of data as the current generation consoles.” When the follow up was “what does ‘four times as fast’ mean?'”, I replied with the faster frame rate or greater number of characters quote.”

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  • http://twitter.com/zcbeaton Connor Beaton

    Yeah, still sounds like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I mean, technically, he’s right: quadrupling the performance means being able to run today’s games at four times the frame rate – but is that what he meant? I mean, was he really suggesting that Sony’s focus would be games that look like this generation’s, but running at 240 fps? I doubt it. Now he’s just trying to quickly save face.