MGS5 Details: CQC Enemies Into Wall, Steal weapon from enemies, Crawling, more

metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain logo

Hideo Kojima has revealed some new information on Metal Gear Solid 5. These are minor details but considering the type of stealth game it is, most fans would be pleased to know these things.

Kojima mentions that you can CQC enemies into walls and the main reason for this was to bring out the real thrill of CQC for the teenager. It seems he wants to make a game that appeals to all types of audiences.

Here’s some of his tweets:






The game does not have a release date yet, but all this information really brings out the attention to detail by Kojima.

  • Lord Akki

    This is why Kojima rules. He knows what gamers need and want. I personally can’t wait to play MGSV on my PS4 :)

  • Wazzzzup

    Tell us about the cut scenes. I WANT LONGER CUTSCENES! I dont care about AI or wall smashing your bloody moron! I pay to play for cutscenes!

    • Gary Oak

      Eat a dick you, passive trolling asshole!

  • GunsAndTheBeast

    I’m pretty sure we’ll see some similar TLOU moments (smashing their heads to the wall; hit an enemy near a wall, and they react to the wall, etc) Considering at how Kojima went to Naughty Dog after the TLOU reveal and to check out the Naughty Dog studio, I’m pretty sure he asked how they did it, so he can implement it to MGS.

    CQC reacting to nearby objects? Makes sense to me.

    • Sudarsan Ragavan

      Bodies reacting to nearby objects have been in MGS from MGS 2, kojima taking notes from ND for gameplay could be disastrous for MGS 5, he must have visited them to understand the way they approach storytelling

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Release date or new footage please Kojima. OMG!