MGS 5: Hideo Kojima’s games won’t be PS4 exclusive

Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid series, has revealed in this month’s Edge that he wants to make multiplatform games.

His previous mainline game was exclusive to the PS3, and it’s something that cannot be replicated easily on the Xbox 360 due to its sheer size.

Kojima doesn’t want to limit his potential as a game creator, and wants his products to be enjoyed by all. FOX Engine is also a multiplatform engine targeted at the PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and the next-gen consoles.

He said that while he likes Sony and respects them and added: “It’s a tough question to answer. Obviously, I do like Sony, I respect them and I have a lot of things in common with their way of thinking. I think the future of gaming is with cloud technology and cloud gaming.

“I love Sony, I have a Sony camera, but I think if you’re going to enter the cloud generation then there will be a lot of different devices involved and a lot of different ways to interact with that game world.

“I don’t want to limit it to any one platform, but I’m not going to say I’m not going to participate in the events. This time [for the PlayStation Meeting], I kind of would have liked to participate, but I was here tending to Rising’s world tour.”

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is all but confirmed to be a multiplatform game but we do not have an idea of when the game will be released.

Source – Edge Magazine.

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