Metroid Prime 4 Details Revealed, New Studio Helming Project

Retro is not making the new Metroid Prime 4 game which was announced during a Nintendo spotlight at E3. Kensuke Tanabe is heading the project with an all new development team. They are making a first person game in vein of the first Metroid Prime game and introduces a new storyline that ties together the events of the previous Metroid Prime games and takes the story in a new direction, according to the official fact sheet.

The game is exclusive to Nintendo Switch and we will most likely get more information on the game next year. Nintendo usually doesn’t show much as evident from the Zelda 2015 reveal and the eventual release in 2017.

Only a logo for the game was shown during the spotlight which disappointed many fans but the realisation that the game is actually under development also cheered everyone up. It was certainly a megaton announcement that we didn’t get to see from the Sony or Microsoft conferences.

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