Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection spotted for PS3

Korean video game rating board, which has proven to be incredibly accurate, has listed Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection.

The board first revealed information about Resident Evil: Revelations for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. We are not sure what this Legacy Collection actually contains but could it feature all the MGS games?

Here’s a screengrab of the listing:

Kojima had recently tweeted the following image, so it most definitely looks like this image is related to the aforementioned Collection and will feature all the MGS games.

Via GAF.

  • Gimili

    Hey you know who helped define this collection? None other than the man himself David Hayter. So. . . what the hell is he not doing in Metal Gear Solid V. . . ?

    • DavidIsSNAKE

      Boo No Hayter, No Buy

      • Jason Mounce

        Your loss. Implying that the story or whatever comes out of Kojimas ass isn’t gold.

        MGS5 will be epic, No David will be a disheartening thing to handle but…..hey? At least I’m not a whiny ungrateful baby.

        • Fircored

          No. sorry, but story wise this does not make sense, so I must certainly side with DavidisSnake in this instance

          • Steven Thompson

            Did you buy MGS4? Cuz hayter didn’t voice Big Boss then either….

          • Firecored

            Sorry, I should have clarified what I meant by story wise:

            I simply don’t really understand how this could make any sense, story wise. If we are to take what Konami has stated at face value, the game is broken in to two parts; the first (Ground Zeros) takes
            place directly after Peace Walker. The second (The Phantom Pain) takes place 9 years after the coma at the end of Ground Zeros. Keeping in mind that David Hayter did in fact voice Big Boss or Naked Snake as he is called in Peace Walker (as well as Portable Ops and MGS3), then it only would make sense for him to at the very least continue to voice Big Boss in the Ground Zeros section of the game. I not even sure Big Bosses voice would have changed that much during the Coma since its only the 80’s when he awakens and his is voiced by Richard Doyle in the 2010’s. So any way you look at it, this really makes no sense.

        • Jimbbexed5

          “Fun fact: David Hayter gave up half his paycheck merely to get the original voice cast for Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes. He was that dedicated to bringing the fans the authentic metal gear experience. He is too nice to ask us, but how could we possibly turn our back
          on him in his time of need? I will fight for David Hayter any day.”
          -User Name: Massacred
          (Found at another site in regards to David Hayter not playing Snake)

        • MassiveAttack

          Sir, in my opinion, with all due respect, your argument is utterly reprehensible. What you are talking about is a casual fan of story and an admirer of the game-play. The reason why the “Hardcore fans: have gone protesting this change is not because they are simply apposed to any change, but rather in the context of the Metal Gear story line, this makes no sense.

          • Steven Thompson

            Well I’m a diehard fan of the series and i’m fine with this. Bigg Boss should have never been voiced by David in mgs3. Hayter is the voice of solid snake in my opinion. Hayter didn’t voice Big Boss in MGS4, so what’s the big deal? Plus kojimas big reason for change is because they need the whole package from a voice actor. Hayter probably can’t do all the mocap and what not.

          • Milphed

            Why? It remained consistent with Kojima vision as the same voice actor who voice Solid Snake also voiced Big Boss in the Japanese version

          • Xanderfeld

            While I can see what you are saying, within the Metal Gear timeline, this still makes no sense. The Phantom Pain is suppose to be a direct sequel to Peace Walker, which had David Hayter voicing him, so suddenly changing the voice is just odd and inconsistent (especially when certain other languages are remaining consistent with their lore)

            I think what would makes the most sense if for David Hayter to voice the first Ground Zeros section of the game, then after the 9 year coma, have Richard Doyle (guy who voiced Big Boss in MGS4) pick up.

            However, by all accounts that we know of so far, that is not what is happening.

            This is why fans are upset.

          • Lacer

            If you kept up with the latest updates on these things, you would know Kojima’s reasoning is utter B.S.

            Why? Well because the motion capture and voice acting are being done separately, not together. What Kojima stated was that he wanted to everything together but it didn’t happen. So this reasoning falls apart.

          • Steven Thompson

            Well, regardless, a lot of you guys act like you know everything on here and as a fan of MGS and Kojima, it’s unsettling to hear people won’t buy the game if Hayter isn’t in it. Kojima has never given us a reason to doubt him, so why start all of a sudden? Whatever he does obviously has a positive reason for happening, he wouldn’t quit using a voice actor unless the game would benefit from it. Gamers seem to be super entitled to series when they grow attached, but these games are just something we play and experience. On the other hand they are Kojimas babies and we have no right to criticize how he raises them.

          • Johnson

            You problem is assuming this in on a purely creative basis. Many fans belive this was a move by Konami as they wanted the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie voice actor and the voice actor for the game to be the same.

            It is for this reason that I protest.

          • Steven Thompson

            And you are also assuming… I’m saying don’t assume, and trust Kojima til we know what’s up… When Kojima reveals something crazy and that this isn’t big boss and another clone or that David will be back, all of you “fans” aren’t going to seem very loyal to the series and mastermind behind it all you “claim” to love.

          • PHILLISE

            No one is entitled to anything.

            People are simply protesting a logical inconsistency.

          • Liam Nels


            Please take a moment and watch this interview with David Hayter and perhaps you will understand

          • Dishonered

            Why not? Akio Otsuka, the Japanese voice of Solid Snake vocied Big Boss in the Japanese version, so why would you not want the versions to remain consistent.

            Also Solid Snake is a clone of Big Boss so why would not be voice by the same voice actor? (especially at the same age)

        • Damnation

          . . . I see, so because fans are opposed to a precised illogicality within the confines of the story, we are to be considered babies. . . right.

    • TheReal_Yoda

      He will be in it, have faith.

      • DavidisSNAKE

        I sure hope so, but until this is confirmed I will continue to voice my annoyance.

  • Nilphed

    Yeah that cool, I’d buy it because it has DAVID HAYTER (Seriously Kojima bring him back, this makes no sesne story wise)

  • matt666

    will feature all the MGS games, really? I brought the HD collection when it came out now I have to re-buy them again MGS is a great game but that’s like a kick in the balls

  • D Dub

    David Hayter not being in MGSV has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE STORY…. It’s still Big Boss… You can have the same character but with someone voicing the part… If you don’t buy this game because someone’s voice isn’t it, you’re not just a baby but an idiot… I hope you never play games again and I hope your kids hate your favorite movies. YOU are what’s wrong with the games industry….

    • Infred

      Well sure you could, but in no possible way is it even remotely feasible to argue that changing the voice actor is not breaking continuity. For goodness Snake, what if Batmans voice changed halfway though the animated series, yes it would be same animation, the same story, but the same character. . . Hardly

    • Manifest

      I feel compelled to inform you that are nothing more than the worst kind of scum on this planet. Essentially your saying that voice acting is just s shit profession and in terms of a story is essentially meaningless, you utterly reprehensible human being. YOU are what is wrong with not only gaming, but animation as well and any other creative mean than use voice acting.

    • Yale

      Wow, your ignorance is only surpassed but you ridiculous stupidity. In one feel swoop you have essentially claimed that voice acting as a profession is meaningless. Please do gamers a favor and just. . .leave.

    • Jimmeny

      So voices don’t matter? Lets try swapping your mom and John Dimaggios voice and then well see if you still care.

    • Biffened

      Wow, what a dick. Sorry there’s no other words right now to properly characterize you.

      At any rate, really. . . really? Voice actors add absolutely nothing to stories? This is both insulting and paints you a just a shitty person in general.

      Sure the entire game does not necessarily have to be judged on voice acting, but if its important to Konami’s core audience it should be important to Konami as a company.

  • Joseph Sheppard

    I think either he has the actor that is going to be snake in the movie is replacing David or he do not want David to mess his voice up even more because the next Metal Gear should have solid back in it. And David did say when he voiced older solid in part 4 it Did mess his voice up he didnt even know if he would be able to voice Snake at all. I do think he will be back to voice Solid in Metal Gear Solid 6. It would be so funny if he is saving David for part 6 but because so many ppl did not buy 5 because no David then he will be forced to cancel 6 lol.

    • Yolandi

      He just said in an interview; “If it were up to me, I would continue to do this role (Snake) forever.”

    • Jibbed66

      But that’s exactly the thing.

      Then the reasoning for changing Snake was not because of creative new ideas but because business mandated they change it.

      Rule 1: Don’t piss off existing fans, it can have horrible effects on sales figures (see DmC: Devil May Cry and Dead Space 3 for examples of such)

  • Andrew Walter Garrett

    Did anybody else notice that Snake has the eye patch on his different eyes in the above picture?

    • Steven Thompson

      One is Big Boss, the other is Solid Snake.

  • Hellhound Hellhound

    No David Hayter, No Buy for me. Thats just the way it is from a “REAL MGS FAN!”
    You other so called “MGS Fans” that are okay with a new voice actor, can just deal it.

    • Lafracking

      Agreed. Not simply because David helped to define the role, but also because story wise, doing so Makes No Sense.