Metal Gear Solid 5: David Hayter will be voicing Big Boss

David Hayter who is synonymous with Solid Snake due to voicing him for years has hinted that he will be back.

There was a controversy earlier where he told everyone that he wasn’t selected for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, and how disappointed he was.

Looks like, it is a marketing stunt after all since a recently released video hints at his return to the game.

Of course, it’s not 100% confirmed yet but a guy like Hayter won’t be kept away from a mainline Metal Gear Solid game. You can check out the video below which shows a man whose face is covered in bandages, and he also wears a Phantom Pain t-shirt.

He goes by the name Mr. Onig. He doesn’t want to reveal who he will be voicing soon but all will be revealed on June 11, 2013, he says.

Check out the video below.