Meet the Logitech G29, Wheel Made for PS4, PS3 and PC

g29 racing wheel

Logitech has finally revealed the successor to G27 steering wheel and it looks pretty impressive. The wheel called G29 will be compatible with PS4, PS3 and PC.

If gamers are looking forward to G27 getting PS4 support, they can forget about it because this wheel will be the only one from Logitech that will do that. However, we hope they released a DFGT equivalent wheel for people at cheaper prices.

The wheel is set to cost 299 pounds which is similar to what the Thrustmaster high end steering wheel costs.

It has a three pedal setup along with dual-motor feedback and anti-backlash helical gearing. It also features a leather-wrapped rim with gear shift indicator LED lights.

There’s also a separate steering wheel announced for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 called the G920 steering wheel. We do not have much details on it so far but we will keep you updated.

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