Mass Effect Facebook page under attack due to Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

Video games, guys. Serious business.

In another unfortunate shooting incident in a Connecticut town where 27 people lost their lives, including 20 children and plenty others related to the shooter, who also took his own life after the act, Mass Effect and video games are now to be blamed for the incident. Not completely, but when you look at the Mass Effect FB page, you will see irrational comments that will make any educated person nod their heads in disapproval.

The incident happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School where the suspect Adam Lanza, a 20-year old guy, opened fire and killed a bunch of people including children under the age of 5.

When such incidents usually occur people try to find out the cause behind it, and end up blaming something completely unrelated to the act, simply because it was somehow related to the killer and could have affected his psyche.

This is not new though, video games have been blamed for many incidents like these. The game belonged to the FB likes section of the brother of the shooter Ryan Lanza, which people saw because he was originally identified as the killer and upon further investigation found not guilty.

We really don’t want to post much about these comments but they can be found out over here. There are people there applying logic to the entire thing so it’s not that bad after all. All these things happen because people really want to get behind the bottom of the cause, or why something happened the way it did. That’s a normal human instinct, but in situations such as these, people need to stay calm and not blame unrelated things.

Thanks, Mashable.