Mass Effect Andromeda PS4 vs Xbox One Differences Revealed

Mass Effect Andromeda has proven to be a pretty controversial game after the release of the early access because of the substandard animations the game features. However, the game does look pretty good in many cases and the animations should not be the be-all-end-all factor in your decision to purchase the game.

If you are wondering about buying the game and are not sure whether to get it on the PS4 or Xbox One, we have the differences between two versions that will make your decision easier.

The game has a dynamic resolution on both versions however there are a few minor differences during gameplay and cutscenes.

The PS4 has a higher resolution of 1080p while the Xbox One runs at 900p. PS4 has a higher cutscenes resolution as well at 900p, while the Xbox One has a custom 1344x756p resolution.

For pre-recorded videos the resolution is 1080p on both consoles. The PS4 Pro will no doubt run the game at a higher resolution compared to the PS4.

Both the versions run at 30fps and the drops are even as well. However the PS4 version has less tear compared to the Xbox One version. There won’t be any animation fix in a day 1 patch for the game.

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Thanks, Digital Foundry