Mass Effect 4 Lead Writer Revealed, Along With Other Staff

mass effect 4 mako

BioWare has finally revealed the people working on Mass Effect 4. Chris Schlerf who had previously written the Halo 4 story is now lead writer for Mass Effect franchise.

This may be a shocking revelation to many Mass Effect fans because I personally did not like the story of Halo 4, so I am a bit skeptical at what he would do with the Mass Effect franchise.

You can follow all the lead staff on Twitter as well:

Chris Schlerf, Lead Writer (@schlerf)
Chris Wynn, Senior Development Director (@The1Wynn)
Fabrice Condominas, Producer (@Faburisu)
Ian Frazier, Lead Designer (@tibermoon)
Joel MacMillan, Art Director (@MrJoelMac)
Mac Walters, Creative Director (@macwalterslives)
Mike Gamble, Producer (@GambleMike)
Yanick Roy, Studio Director, BioWare Montréal (@YanickRRoy)

More information on the game is expected in a few minutes as BioWare is doing a Mass Effect livestream.

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