Mass Effect 4 first info: Mako is back, more details

mass effect 4 mako

Mass Effect 4 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC sounds promising. We have the first new details of the game which were revealed during the game’s SSDC panel by BioWare.

The game will be set in a different Galaxy and there will be no commander Shephard. Most of you knew that already, didn’t you? The game will, however, contain familiar elements.

The game will be focused on exploration of planets and Mako, which was there in the original Mass Effect will be used as an vehicle for fast travel. It is enhanced and controls well.

Here are some tweets from Industry people.

-“Building a game about exploring places, so you need a vehicle for that “
-“We learned some things about vehicle frustration” 
-They showed off armor renders, viewable below
-“Sounds like the timeline of #MassEffect will be during Shepard’s lifetime but won’t involve Shepard…hard to tell @GambleMike being cagey!” [Note: Two other tweeters said it sounds like it takes place in another galaxy, though that’s not necessarily mutually exclusive with this.]
-“Team reiterates that it is not Shepard’s story and that this story one is brand new.”
-“no timeline was announced at the panel. Some hints were made but I have to re-listen to the audio.”
-“You will see a bit of old with the new (old characters MAY appear) “
-“Competition is critical but cooperation is bigger for us” @GambleMike speaking on multiplayer in #MassEffect / “cooperative MP is bigger for us (than competitive)” 
-“Spiritual successor” vibe for the next 
-“It’s ingrained in us to give players as much choice as possible” – @GambleMike #MassEffect
-“The animation team is now doing stuff we couldn’t even dream about before” speaking on Frostbite 3 for #MassEffect
-“it’s not called ME 4 damn it! ” [I’m going to keep calling it that until they give it a name.]
-No announcements on player race choice of composers when asked

There will be a new video showing Mako in action so stay tuned to Gamechup.

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