Mass Effect 3 – 82% people played as Male Shephard, infographic released

BioWare has released a new infographic on Mass Effect 3 which shows the choices players made during their journey.

What this shows is that very few played the first two Mass Effect games and didn’t carry over their saves. Majority of players picked the male Shephard and Liara was the most popular squad member.

64% players didn’t meet Wrex in Mass Effect 3 which shows that it was the first Mass Effect game for many people. Most used class was Solider which is a little bewildering since it was the most boring class in the game. Only 3.8% people shot Mordin which shows what a well loved character he was.

The game got some flak for a generic ending but BioWare supported the game really well after that. A new Mass Effect game is in development as well.

Check out the infographic below.

mass effect 3