Mark Cerny: PS4 GDDR5 Latency Not “Much of a Factor”

The PS4 contains high speed GDDR5 RAM and one of the side effects of that is high latency compared to DDR3 RAM. Sony has done a significant amount of customisation to make sure the console is fit for gaming.

mark cerny ps4

The console’s lead architect, Mark Cerny, has revealed that GDDR5 latency is not really much of an issue to the GPU.

“Latency in GDDR5 isn’t particularly higher than the latency in DDR3. On the GPU side… Of course, GPUs are designed to be extraordinarily latency tolerant so I can’t imagine that being much of a factor,” he told Digital Foundry in an interview.

The GPU has also been modified to make sure that developers can extract a lot of juice from it after a few years.

“On top of that we did significant customisation of the GPU to make sure that there was that extra target for people to go after in 2016/2017. Put that all together, I think the future’s looking very bright for PlayStation 4,” he added.

The PS4 will be released later this year for $399. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

  • EX+

    7GB of GDDR5 for games. Ohhh yeah baby.

    • PimpDaddyWiteBoy

      except games will only end up using around 4

      • EX+

        For the first 2-3 years yes. After that, no.

      • Lars

        omg, only 4??! that’s bad… really bad. i mean, any current game doesn’t use full 1 gb… so yeah. damn it.

  • andrewi

    I love the way he avoids talking about the massacre that he’s carrying out on CPU performance by doing this.

    • Surging

      The GPU of the PS4 can act as a CPU and to take loads off the main cpu.