Mafia 3 Review – Repetitiveness The Game

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It seems to me that the developers of Mafia 3 did not play the game because if they did they would know not to lock story missions behind so many repetitive side missions. Either they took the linearity complaints of Mafia 2 too seriously or decided to pad the game to increase length, whatever is the reason, Mafia 3 is a complete bore.

I enjoyed the first few hours, I’ll admit that. Robbing the federal reserve seems like fun and it was with our main protagonist Lincoln Clay, a burly African american and a US vet, mowing down cops like they were nothing.

As a big fan of Mafia 1 and being disappointed a lot by Mafia 2, I had high expectations for this game because of the setting. Clay comes home to New Bordeaux after serving in Vietnam and soon finds himself in trouble which ends in the death of the people he loves. Well, it’s time for revenge. That’s the whole premise of the game to take out Sal Marcano, a don, and everyone related to his business.

mafia 3 shootout

The world of Mafia 3 is huge and well realized, but if you go comparing it to the lively San Andreas of GTA V – you will be disappointed. The city is divided into many districts which you have to take over and hand over to your associates so that you will be well equipped to go after the main bad guy. Taking over each district takes time as you have to do certain objectives before you can take out the people who work for Sal Marcano.

Mafia 3 looks beautiful. The city looks great at night but the lighting seems kinda broken on PS4. It gets way too bright sometimes. There are a lot of NPCs and cars and that makes the city come to life, but it’s still not as complex as GTAV’s which raised the bar for open world games.

There is aliasing and some areas can be pretty dull looking. However, going through areas like French Ward makes me appreciate the work put into this game. I don’t really have a lot of complaints about the visuals but there’s a little micro-stuttering while playing which can be really annoying. The frame rate is fine and holds up well.

mafia 3 environment

The main story seems interesting even though the plot is quite simple. However, the pacing is incredibly poor as I’ve mentioned before you have to do tons of repetitive side missions to unlock the main story missions. It can sap the energy out of you because they are so similar.

The writing is quite good and the characters are quite believable. However, the character models don’t look quite good but that’s only because we’ve come to expect so much more in 2016.

The main thing I enjoyed was the gameplay. The combat can be deliciously fun at times. Blowing away people with shotguns never gets old although there are only two slots for weapons which I found really absurd. Oftentimes you may have to pick up the guns dropped from the people you killed. The stealth is quite bad, not because the mechanics are poor, but because the AI is utterly stupid.


You can kill everyone in the room with a knife if you hide near a door or a cover and whistle. They just don’t realize and will come at you like lambs to slaughter. In fact, I have captured an image from my gameplay which shows how bad it can be. If you go run and gun and play aggressively you will be quite satisfied with the game. Lincoln Clay does not have a lot of health and can be taken down with 2 nicely placed shotgun shots. It makes combat intense. You have to take cover and pick your enemies well.

I think the game is a massive downgrade from Mafia 1 and 2 because you don’t have a lot of options in the game. You do earn cash but you can only spend it on weapons and stuff which makes no sense. Why can’t we buy houses, vehicles and other things? Dying will make you lose a lot of money but you can stash it just to be safe.

The main reason for playing Mafia 3 is its story, but to get to it, you have to drone away doing side missions and unlock each area. I mean, that could be fun for people who only want to kill, but I felt so tired after a certain point that I just could not continue. Mafia 2 is leagues better in comparison. I just do not understand why they did not make a linear game with 10-15 hours of gameplay allowing people to enjoy the story.

mafia 3 car combat

The game feels like a very poor GTA clone which is quite sad because of the brand it represents. However, if you enjoy killing racists, despicable people, and bad guys, this is the game for you, provided you can handle the grind.



  • AnnihilationGamingTM

    Finally! and honest review:) Well done! Re-posted on my website.

    • Apex

      You shit talk ‘fanboys’ but you’re very clearly a hater. You’re no better than the former.

      • AnnihilationGamingTM

        nah! I just have real taste in gaming:P unlike you apparently.

    • Chirayu

      Don’t see a repost on your site. I think my review of the game in this comments section is more realistic. I’ve compared a lot more games to MAFIA III and played it for 12 hours straight, encountering issues along the way. Read it – you’ll find it interesting

      • AnnihilationGamingTM

        I plan on it , and I have been busy with other things like playing and reviewing WWE 2K 17. I will look at it, when I get a chance OK?

  • Becoming Godsize

    How does a game locked at 30 fps and using all low res textures 512×512 look good?

    • AnnihilationGamingTM

      It probably doesn’t look good, but that won’t stop people from playing this “train wreck” of a game. Again this the very reason they didn’t allow for pre-reviews. Hangar 13 and 2K games knew it was bad. Personally as a hardcore gamer, I find this to be D.S lazy. Good thing I didn’t waste my $60.00;)

      • The Monumental

        There is nothing remotely hardcore about playing video games,and anybody who labels themselves as one,is really nothing but a hardcore tragic douche who doesn’t get out much . Stfu you cringe,get out piggybacking on people’s comment’s with utter nonsense trying to make a name for your poor website.

  • Brad Marcus Kirchhoff

    Im 8 hours in and its no less than 8.5/10. Only other game that was as good imo this year would be Far Cry Primal. M3 smokes Uncharted for goty.

    • AnnihilationGamingTM

      So what did you think of these following games as well? Dead Island, Beyond 2 Souls and finally Until Dawn and Heavy rain.

      • Tos Kerman

        The fuck are you doing grouping Dead Island in with Beyond 2 Souls and Heavy Rain? It was a zombie survival action rpg. There was nothing cinematic about it.
        Did you mean The Last of Us? If so, I think you deserve to be called an idiot.

        • AnnihilationGamingTM

          Says the fanboy.

        • AnnihilationGamingTM

          and the Last of Us was so predictably, I knew how the game was going to end before it ended. Just take and Uncharted game and replace it with the Last of Us.

    • Johnny

      Uh, NO. M3 is not even in the same league as U4. Although I can’t say anything concerning FC:P other than I didn’t play it because it looks like a lazy reskin cash-in that’s not even worth bargain bin prices.

      • AnnihilationGamingTM

        Far Cry 3 was also very boring and repetitive so, yeah your not missing much there.

    • lomsha

      Hahahaha no.

    • Jason Clarke

      Your standards are terrible, more to a game than its story.

    • Paul Chach Mcarthy

      Dude, this game is nowhere near on a par with FC Primal. Not even in the same game, let alone league. And I say this as a Mafia fanboy who only picked up FCP because it was free when I got my PS4.

  • AnnihilationGamingTM

    Man I really hope Mafia 3 ,doesn’t end up being GOTY :( But, I wouldn’t be surprised IF It did. This is totally going to be a “fanboy title” game. “smh” Rolls eyes.

  • AnnihilationGamingTM

    Mafia 3 Fanboy game of the year;) Calling it now. Oh wait! I forgot Deus Ex “snaps finger’s” well it’s between these 2 games , right now.

  • AnnihilationGamingTM

    And you know that the “fanboys” will defend this game , with there dying breath too. Which just proves the review and my point. This boring and tedious in a nut shell. In other words it will be a hit! Especially, with the fanboy crowd. Because the love boring and tedium games. They never play anything that has real substance. Like the aforementioned Beyond 2 Souls, Heavy Rain and Until Dawn and the upcoming Detroit Become Human. Mostly they think , due to there “myopic thinking” that every single game is an 8.5. oops forgot I forgot Dead Island:P

    • Patrick Honeyman

      Erm, how’s it going David Cage?

      I’m willing to give this a go once it comes down in price (maybe between £20-£25). Period-set games often draw me in and if I like the setting and characters that’s a big plus.

      I haven’t played much of GTA V so maybe I don’t know what I’m missing but ey…

    • Paul Chach Mcarthy

      Actually, I’m a Mafia fanboy and I really dislike this game. I didn’t enjoy 2 that much either. The first will always be the best in my eyes. It was perfect for it’s time.

  • PrivatePyle

    This game gets far too much hate. I’ve been playing 10 hours. Not one crash. It looks good for an open world game. Sometimes not all textures are loaded so i needed to reload. For instance there where no clouds, and less details. Just loaded again and it was back. That happened once. The story is great. The gameplay is repetitive but hey, look at assasins creed and almost every ubisoft game and you will experience the same repetitive gameplay. The car mechanics are good, and don’t know what people are talking about on that one. You can even switch to simulation driving. Also i hear, it looks like a ps2 game, what the fucking fuck, are you seriously that blind? The shooting, action gameplay and stealth are decent enough. Okay, the pc port is having big issues with the framerate wich is truly disappointing but i’m playing on console so personally that doesn’t affect me. There are some things missing though but not enough for me to rate it below 7 -8. Stop all the fucking hate!

  • abtin2557

    your review is all wrong, the game is awesome you keep comparing it with gta v while it’s better than gta in every aspect (i’m a gta fan too) if they had worked a little more on the graphics it could be the best game ever.
    and you mentioned that mafia 2 was disappointing but Mafia II is the best game i have ever played and the 2nd is mafia 3 and 3rd is max pain 3.
    the most important thing that a game should have is a good story and mafia 3 has an excellent story.

    • Jason M

      “mafia 2 was disappointing but Mafia II is the best game I have ever played…”


      • SGTBuzzyBean

        use your brain. probably just a typo

    • AnnihilationGamingTM

      but the rest of the game is “shit”

  • Paul Chach Mcarthy

    Gameplay 5/10
    GFX 6/10
    Sound design 9/10
    Hamfisted social commentary plot line 6/10
    Diversity quota 10/10

    Only buy his game if the thought of an angry black protagonist is a new thing to you. For everybody else who doesn’t suffer from white guilt syndrome or took social studies class, there’s not much to recommend paying full price for this game for. The soundtrack is great, but you can listen to all those songs for free on YT. Certainly not worth full price to listen to those songs.

    People who think hearing the “N” word every two seconds is cutting edge, may enjoy this game.

    • AnnihilationGamingTM

      Kinda like GTA5 , brought to you be the letter “N” that game set back race relations a 1.000 years. And that would include Donald Trump Supporters,Teens and racists.

  • David Digi

    This is watch dogs all over again

    • AnnihilationGamingTM

      What a pile of garbage Watchdogs was. I mean talk about boring and tedium. I bought it at $19.99 and still found it boring. I took it back to Gamestop immediately and got something else.

  • Ivan Basov

    You sure love the “quite” word.

  • GMAN101808

    This is my first mafia game I’ve bought and played, I admit I took a risk and pre ordered it but goddam it’s amazing.
    Your review is totally biased and bullshit.
    First off,it’s not as repetitive as you claim it to be, there are a variety of ways to raise your status and increase your own mobs power, constantly attacking at sals foundations while improving your own in once again, a variety of ways.
    The graphics shouldn’t matter, the story is abosuletely amazing in the beginning and end, a little lost in the middle I’ll admit I was either confused or felt there should be more excitement added but all in all this game’s design to every detail of its world,city,story,and especially memorable characters are abso-fucking-lutely amazing as a whole.
    The entire process of Lincoln’s revenge for his murdered family is truly remarkable and relatable reclaiming himself through his own personal view point.
    Constantly on the move, constantly killing more and more of marcanos goons.
    I’m at the very end of the game and I really think You guys should just shut up and play the damn game for what it is, a manly hate filled adventure towards redemption and honor.

    • AnnihilationGamingTM

      Right! this is your first Mafia game so you have nothing to base your claims on. Go back and play the first 2 and you’l see what were talking about. Hey you like doing boring and repetitive tasks in games good for you. But for a lot of us gamer’s we need a lot more then that, in our gaming.

      • Fb88

        You sound like a whining lil girl…

        • AnnihilationGamingTM

          You sound like a little bitch.

  • Jonathan Schulhoff

    AnnihilationGamingTm is a faggot

    • AnnihilationGamingTM

      and your a cyberbully.

  • Chirayu

    I never played the first game of the series. I started on MAFIA II.
    That game was beautiful and it got me into this series in the first place. I
    mainly bought MAFIA III (PS4 version) because I loved the MAFIA II storyline.
    However… This game is more like a love/hate relationship for me. The gameplay
    mechanics are quite clunky, graphics are lacking and the side missions are

    Driving around is quite boring due to long distances and the car controls
    aren’t very smooth.

    Graphics aren’t that great either as compared to the last Open World
    games I played e.g. Far Cry Primal/ Fallout 4/ Witcher 3.

    When you head into the Bayou the sunlight pretty much blinds you at
    sunrise as its bounces off everything, so even the Wooden bridges seem ultra
    glossy and almost plastic.

    There’s no Stamina bar or maybe I haven’t noticed, yet Clay runs out of
    stamina while running or swimming, very quickly for a man who looks in shape.

    You see boats moving around everywhere in the Bayou, and yet Majority
    of docks are empty. Why can’t I go randomly driving on the water???

    Also speaking of water – once you jump in you better find yourself a
    dock/ ladder /wooden platform/ or submerged road of some sort, otherwise you
    aren’t getting out. I mean seriously who came up with this? Similarly climbing
    issues apply on land. I came across one where I couldn’t climb a wooden pallet
    that was knee height to Clay yet right next to it I could climb over a metal
    barrier against a loading dock that came up to shoulder height for Clay.

    AI is extremely dumb. I usually play stealthy so all you need to do is
    crouch, whistle, stab and repeat. Don’t even need to change position. If a fire
    fight ensues, then just run around the corner and use a different entrance
    point because the idiots will still be shooting randomly at your last position.
    Furthermore I think the game consist of futuristic cloning technology because the
    enemies on the side missions all look the same. I mean seriously needs more
    character models.

    All the side missions to capture areas are pretty much clones of each
    other with different names and areas. It’s either Kill someone or Destroy
    something till the guy controlling the area is out of hiding so you can go
    after him. It’s basically used as padding to increase play time but I’d rather
    have a story to be honest and the gaps between storyline take too long because
    of this.

    Also when you’re talking to the people who give you the side missions –
    they only look in 1 direction – straight ahead. Its like are you even talking
    to me??? At the very least look at me when you’re talking to me.

    Physics aren’t that great either. Again Bayou related – I opened a door
    to a dock and 2 metal barrels went flying away into the water. I’m pretty sure
    Clay doesn’t have superhuman strength.

    There are probably more issues that I might find in future with this
    game but this is all I have after playing it for a 12 hour session with breaks
    lol. One more major issue – racism isn’t really that focused upon as a topic as
    compared to the intro message that Hangar13 displayed at the start. It might be
    that I haven’t yet gone far enough into the storyline, but a few snippets on
    the car radio, AI racial slurs and random beatings don’t really highlight this
    deeply ingrained topic that well – in my personal opinion.

    Minor issues to me are things such as MAFIA II you could purchase
    property and cars but MAFIA III you can’t.

    All that being said, when you actually get to the cut scenes and the
    main storyline – it is quite beautiful, poignant and adept at focusing more on
    the Racial climate as well as Clay’s path. I for one do like the ‘documentary’
    style of storytelling. I haven’t experienced it in other games but could just
    be that I haven’t played one like it. So in short this would be a fantastic
    game if they had focused on the storyline rather than providing users with an
    Open World aesthetic that falls short on many levels. Unfortunately they did
    not, so it is not. Right now it’s just an ‘ok’ game. Not great but not bad
    either. Nowhere near as good as MAFIA II though. Would I buy it knowing that
    there are all these pitfalls? Not sure. Am I thrilled I bought it? not ecstatic
    but I bought it so might as well play it.

    • Chirayu

      Another bug found – In certain areas you get large tress with branches that extend out on low ground over a hill for example. Noticed this when I was doing a quest to kill the ‘garbage men’ – the branches don’t register as solid objects. you can walk straight through them even though the textures are visible. I would have thought that this would at least be one of the most basic things that would have been implemented before game release but apparently not.