Madden NFL 25 skips the Wii U, Third-party Support Dwindles

EA has confirmed that Wii U won’t be the recipient of Madden 2014 raising questions over their support for Nintendo.

Madden is a franchise that is usually released on tons of platforms and it’s surprising to see Wii U being left out. FIFA 14 was announced with an information blowout recently but the one thing that stood out was the Wii U version wasn’t announced; same goes for Battlefield 4.

EA’s support for Nintendo seems to be on the lower side and it’s not clear why the publisher has not made these games for the Wii U especially considering the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are still being made.

The publisher has clarified that the lack of these games on the platform should not be taken as lack of support, since they could be released in the future.

The Wii U is being seen as an underpowered console and Nintendo is out to change that perception, and it could be a reason why third-party publishers aren’t bothering with the system.