Lot of directions possible for Bully 2, says Dan Houser

bully 2 rockstar

If you have played Rockstar Games’ Bully, which was released ages ago, and was a game that can be termed as a GTA set in high school, then you would be pleased to know that Dan Houser of Rockstar is interested in making a new game.

Nothing is confirmed so far, but they have many ideas for the sequel.

“I know I want to [make it],” he told Polygon. “Well, hopefully, you never know. There’s a lot of directions I could go with that one, it’s funny.”

He also revealed that it’s unlikely that the Bully protagonist Jimmy Hopkins could be seen in a full fledged GTA game.

“I never saw him as being that level of degenerate.  saw him as a bad teen, because he comes from a tough home, who could go either direction. He’s not going to be a carjacker. He’s too white collar for that already. He’s at a shit private school, but he’s going to end up being really happy because he’s at the worst bit of his life, or being a sort of messed up white collar doofus.

“He was an unpleasant soul, but he had a heart. To some extant you could say the same was true of [Grand Theft Auto 4‘s] Niko in a bizarre way. But [Jimmy’s] not trying to burn down the school, he’s more trying to stand up to injustice.”

This is great news for fans of the first game as Bully managed to surprise critics and also sold pretty decently. A new Bully game could be a spectacular thing.

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