List of Regressions From Destiny Year 3 To Destiny 2 Is Immense

Destiny 2 barely has an end game and hardcore players are worried. Destiny 2 also seems like a massive step back from Destiny 1 and it seems like they’ve casualised the game a lot.

The extent of features that have been removed from Destiny year 3 to Destiny 2 is kinda shocking and we have a list that shows how Bungie has nerfed the game.

The reasons for doing this are not clear. Maybe they wanted more of a casual audience or maybe they were just lazy, we don’t know. It is clear that Destiny 2 is a shell of a game that Destiny year 3 was and Bungie has effectively betrayed its fans for targeting a more casualised audience and more sales.

Here’s a list that shows what Destiny 2 is missing thanks to Reddit user Stevetheimpact.

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