List of Advantages The PS4 Has Over the Xbox One

playstation 4

The PS4 looks like the machine to beat right now after Sony’s E3 conference which let plenty of gamers satisfied with their policies. The Xbox One needs to improve a lot of things to be considered an equal competition at this stage because frankly, the console seems to be in a tight spot right now.

The price announcement for both consoles must have settled the deal for most gamers, but the PS4 actually does a lot of things better than the Xbox One, and this will no doubt cause a lot of gamers to side with Sony’s console.

Here they are:

  • a) The DRM policy is the same as the PS3.
  • b) The console is region free.
  • c) It’s an engineering marvel, small size and internal powerbrick.
  • d) You can upgrade its hard drive. It currently ships with a 500GB HDD.
  • e) The console is more powerful than the Xbox One.
  • f) The price is in PS4’s favour and costs $100 less than Microsoft’s system.
  • g) The camera isn’t mandatory.
  • h) The console features a PC architecture and the unified memory helps a lot.
  • i) It allows Indies to self publish their games.
  • j) It can be placed vertically ensuring maximum compatibility in the living room.
  • k) Developers can access more RAM than the Xbox One.

These are a lot of things that makes the console much more attractive than Microsoft’s console, however, Sony will charge you for online multiplayer with PS Plus, and if you have already been paying for PS Plus then you probably think of it as a positive feature too. Free games, who doesn’t like them?

Here are 5 exclusive games you can buy with the system during the launch window of Q1 2014.

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