Limbo Free for Xbox One Early Adopters

xbox one high res screenshot 5

Microsoft has announced that the award winning indie game Limbo will be available free for Xbox One users who bought the console on day 1. Basically, early adopters will get the game for free as a token of appreciation for supporting the Xbox brand.

The Xbox One has reached its 1 year milestone and this gift is pretty good considering most people only get a few cents on their birthday.

People who received the gift message from Microsoft will get their free code via a message as well. You can check out the image below which shows what message many users received.

limbo xbox one

This is a nice thing to do and hopefully Sony does something similar as the PS4 hit 1 year milestone last week as well.

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  • brooks

    well just slap the people in the face who didnt have 550.00 that exact day but did a few days later and been paying xbox live