Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer shows combat, town, and Lightning

Gametrailers have accidentally posted the trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, since the embargo was supposed to be in a few days

However, as they say, once it’s out on the Internet, you can’t put it back. Square Enix have been actively trying to take down the trailer from YouTube and other sources, but some of these trailers are still up and we have posted both the download link and the direct trailer link below.

In case the video is down, just download the trailer. The trailer shows Lightning’s new default armour, and there are 20 + in the game, according to Square Enix. You can hear Noel’s voice or was that Hope? The new city looks pretty good but the textures are all over the place. I will give that a free pass because of video quality but it shouldn’t be that similar in the game considering FFXIII and FFXIII-2 looked really good.

Check out the video below.