Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Tokyo Event Info and pictures

lightning returns final fantasy xiii 3

We have some new details on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII from an event held in Tokyo. Some of the information here is something that we already know but most of it is new.

There are also some new pictures of the event showing some of the scenes from the panel along with the game on the main screen.

You can ride a chocobo in the Wilderness level as it is said to be open world. The costumes can change your victory pose and win music as well. There was a victory pose shown earlier of Lightning in a skimpy dress, which some of you may find very seductive.

The cloud costume’s colours can be changed and the previous game’s save data can be used it of you the save files on your PS3 and Xbox 360.

Yuna’s FFX costume was also shown. There are many accessories like glasses, earrings and necklaces. The last boss can be killed in 50 seconds if you have the right customization.

Lightning’s bust size is increased from C cup to D cup by Toriyama and some costumes also affect that.

The pictures can be found below: